What Is the Difference Between a Hijab and a Niqab?

It is hard to find people who have never heard the word hijab or Niqab. Though wearing both of them is the same, the outlook is different when you wear them. Muslim women are instructed to wear them according to the rules and regulations of this religion, but it never forced them to wear them.

People who are not Muslim often get confused when they hear words like hijab or Niqab. They assume both of them as the same thing, but in reality, they are not similar, and the differences are visible when they wear them.

Let’s explore the differences.


  • This only covers the head of a woman. If the piece of cloth is too long, they can also pull it to cover their neck and chest area.
  • Is it identified in the modern world as a “Headscarf”
  • It does not cover the whole body.
  • The main coverage areas are hair, ears, neck.
  • An individual can cover their nose and lips also if they want.


  • It covers a woman from top to toe.
  • It hides the body shape of a woman.
  • It is not tight to wear.
  • The length covers the area from head to toes and hides every area of a woman’s body.
  • The cloth is very long in size.
  • There is only an eye-opening space in it.

So, from the above parts, the differences are very clear to understand what a hijab and a niqab look like. The modern world does not promote wearing Niqab much, but the hijab has gained popularity everywhere. Working women are adopting it as a classy fashion that saves their time also.

What is the reason behind wearing a hijab or a niqab?

The importance of Muslim hijab has been clearly said in Islam. The religion Islam instructs the woman to wear hijab or Niqab not to control women from prospering in other sectors of life.

Islam is a religion of peace, and the reason behind the instruction of wearing hijab or Niqab is also related to the fact of bringing peace in the society.

Let’s go through some of the reasons that reflect the fruitfulness of wearing a hijab or Niqab for a woman.

Ensures freedom

Society does not only consist of good-hearted people. It has people of all kinds, such as people with good hearts, bad intentions, evil eyes, etc. Islam is the only religion that has spoken about the importance of women’s education and their income.

When a woman wears a hijab or a niqab, it works as a barrier for people with an evil eye on them. It works as a sign of modesty and the purity of mind of a woman. It not only awards freedom in the world to a woman, but it also rewards a woman with Jannah in the afterlife.

Wearing a hijab or Niqab gives a woman a comfortable dress-up for going out. It provides them the freedom to move easily in the streets where wearing a western dress can give them a bit of discomfort in terms of moving or walking on the roads.

Protects woman 

When a woman does hijab or Niqab, it covers the most attractive body parts. Women always feel uncomfortable becoming a center of attention in a public place. It makes them awkward to move easily in public areas.

The Niqab covers the whole body by giving a simple outlook that prevents her from being the center of attention. Thus, Niqab makes street walking easier for a woman.

Wearing a hijab or a niqab saves the anxiety of looking good every time a woman goes outside of her home. It allows a woman to wear anything under the Niqab.

Niqab does not only provides an easy life to a woman; it also saves her from bad people and bad incidents like sexual abuse or harassment in public transport or the streets. Niqab saves a woman from revealing her face to an unknown man.

Controls social chaos

Rape, harassment, sexual abusing, badmouthing, abduction of women are the negative social acts that create chaos in society against women. As the main motive of this religion, Islam, is to maintain peace in society, it would never appreciate such kind of chaos in society.

A hijab or Niqab saves a woman from getting explored in front of a man having bad intentions in their mind, decreasing the rate of those crimes identified as social chaos. Islam has given women a very respectful place in society, and wearing hijab or Niqab helps them uphold that respect in the right place in society.

Final words

Though a hijab or a niqab is a Muslim woman’s clothing, anyone from different religions can also practice wearing them. The hijab got vast popularity in this modern time where it can protect your hair from this polluted environment by giving a decent and modest outlook.

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