How to keep up with socio-political news

It’s important to know what is going on around you. It is certainly not like you won’t be affected by a nationwide or worldwide issue. It’s because you are also a constituent part of the entire political ecology. 

This particular ecology includes everything around you- society, politics, human rights, economics, technology, and the environment.

For social and political news updates, we mostly rely on social media these days. Depending on social media is not a problem as long as the sources are trustworthy.

In addition, we can’t keep up with socio-political news for different reasons. Let’s say you could be busy with work or study. 

Here, I have rounded up a few valuable suggestions for so you. Those will help know about the things one could do to be updated with news. 

Also, you will find some of the best and most authentic news sites that you should visit regularly.

5 Things to do to know Socio-political news

Other than finding updates on social media and online newspapers, one can do a couple of things to be fully aware of the latest news.

Setting notifications on gadgets

I already mentioned that we could be tied up with study or work. In that case, most of us can’t make enough time to check the news.

Even if you get a little time, you might not remember to check news updates. And, you are not the only one! That is to say- it is true for many of us.

All things considered, there is a crafty solution for you if you don’t want to miss socio-political news. Here is it- you activate notifications from various news sites.

How to do it

A lot of websites give this option for receiving notifications. And, you will find it on news sites. You might see a small window with two options for blocking and accepting notifications.

If you want to get notified of the latest news, choose to accept notifications. That way, you will get alerts for important updates. 

On a related note, we all own a variety of gadgets. Such as – smartphones and personal computers. So, it’s a viable solution.

Listening to news

It is another smart solution. Do you listen to songs while getting ready? Or maybe during the works that don’t demand much attention?

If you do so, you can play news too! As a result, you won’t have to spend extra time to know the latest socio-political updates. Where can you listen to the news? BBC radio would be the best option for that.

Google alerts

It’s like setting notifications on a website. But, there is a slight difference. On Google, you can set the notification for the topic you are interested in.

So, if it’s socio-political news, you can subscribe for that. And Google will give you daily updates on those. 

You should know one thing here. Google may ask you- how would you like to get the alerts. The available options are- simple mobile notifications or email updates. You can choose accordingly.

Commanding Alexa, Siri, or Cortana

Asking artificial intelligence (AI) for news is a good idea too. I know, all devices don’t incorporate AI.

However, you might have a smart device that has AI assistance. In that case, you can command it to read out news related to socio-politics.

Let’s say you got Alexa. You can command her by saying- ‘Alexa! Give me the news update’. 

Email briefing from online newspapers

In case you’re confusing it with email notification, it’s NOT the same. The main idea is- they will send you emails to provide a short report of the newest and most important news updates.

That way, you can have the overall idea of the prevailing socio-political circumstances.

Reliable sites to check news

The suggestion I just gave you will be useful for busy people and people who don’t know how to be updated with socio-political news.

This part will be helpful mainly for the people who have enough time to check the news but don’t know where to go. 

Maybe you are someone who is studying politics, international relations, or economics. If you are one of them, do learn about these sites because they are reliable. 

You don’t want to waste time on inaccurate news, do you? Besides, socio-politics is a serious matter. That’s why I want to give you this curated list of online platforms. 

On a side note, most platforms have all sorts of online existences. That includes- Websites, Apps, Facebook, and Instagram. 

BBC News

This is one of the well-known news sites. People might not know about other prominent news sites. But they will certainly know about this one.

Alongside reading the news, you will get important videos and pictures. Moreover, they love to cover both unusual occurrences too. Overall, it’s an excellent place to get new socio-politics news.

The Washington Post

It is a USA-based online news site. One of the things to appreciate about this is- their knack for making outstanding graphics!

Usually, they post lengthy writings about socio-political news, telling those like stories. That is highly beneficial if anyone wants to build more profound knowledge of the news.

The New York Times

This platform has got an acclamation for proving socio-political news. You will be happy to know that they have a mobile app. And it will send you notifications of new updates.

Moreover, you can share their articles on social media. Sadly, it’s not a free newspaper. You have to subscribe to their site. Also, there’s a subscription fee. The basic fee is $15. 

That will give you unlimited access to all contents. One of the best things about this site is- they have a fun social media existence. You will see image contents that engage a lot of people! 

The Guardian

They are like New York Times but not entirely. However, you will get updates on socio-political incidents with captivating headlines, pictures, and videos. 

Their writings are long, and you will have free access. And they have a website and social media pages.

The Telegraph

It’s a UK-based newspaper. But, you will get news from different parts of the world. They certainly won’t skip important news around the world. With socio-political news, you will get entertainment news too. Also, know that- it’s not a fee newspaper.


This newspaper will give the best experience of reading news online. You can customize the newsfeed, get alerts, and highlight according to your interest. It’s completely free. And they have both a website and app.

Final note

There are a few more online platforms that you can rely on- Google news, VICE News, Reddit, and Channel News Asia.

However, there are more online platforms to get news from. Before you trust a news site, consider two aspects. Make sure it’s unbiased because that’s how news should be made. 

Another aspect, it is better to follow sites that have an opinion section. That will be truly helpful for you to learn different perspectives of a particular circumstance. As a result, you will be able to develop your outlook. 

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