Best Tile Material for Bathroom Floor

Choosing flooring for many areas of the house is mostly based on aesthetics. You want your living room, dining room, bedroom, or workplace flooring to look fantastic. However, the rules can become different when it comes to bathrooms.

Many bathroom flooring tiles are available at the top tiles company in Bangladesh. Ceramic, vinyl, and porcelain tiles are frequently the first that come to mind. They are among the most practical options available. Moreover, a wide range of materials, from stone to cork, are also available these days.

Here are the 7 most popular bathroom tiles to help you choose the right one for you.

1. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is a popular bathroom flooring material because of the low price and high functionality. From the master bath to the powder room, it works well in every bathroom.

It outperforms other popular options in terms of safety, luxury, and endurance. Top vinyl tile manufacturers have also made a lot of progress in visual appeal and installation convenience.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Whether you like stone, wood, colorful penny tiles, or lattice-patterned squares, ceramic and porcelain tile can satisfy your needs. Ceramics, like vinyl, are easy to keep clean, but they aren’t as comfortable to walk on.

Installing radiant floor heat can help, but a surface is harsh regardless of its temperature. Ceramics are more difficult to install than vinyl. Still, it is a job that even the most inexperienced person can handle. Ceramic will resist damage and dents if it’s coated with a strong glaze.

Porcelain tiles are more durable than clay-based tiles. And they may have a color that runs through the entire tile, which is beneficial if chipping happens.

3. Stone Tiles

The foyer used to be the only place to find stone tiles. They have, however, acquired appeal in other rooms over the last couple of decades. This includes bathroom flooring as well.

Stone tiles come in a wide spectrum of colors, including blues, reds, creams, greens, and golds. This type of tiles is also made of sandstone, marbles, quartz, and granite. You will find them in many different textures in the market.

4. Glass Tiles

Glass floor tiles have two distinct aesthetic appeals. They are:

  • A thin portion of glass that covers a portion of the floor will give a deep illusion
  • If tinted, you will see a stunning stained-glass impression.

This type of tile stands true when set up properly. Just be certain to use ground tile and rough glass to avoid slipping. Small glass tiles also provide slip resistance with numerous grout joints. 

You can consider customizing the floor (and possibly the sides) with small glass tile squares to create a show-stopping bathroom feature.

5. Cork Tiles

Cork flooring is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the tiles are available in a range of hues. Even if you buy finished tiles, plan to put many coats of polyurethane to seal the flooring and keep moisture out of the subfloor.

Cork tiles are typically laid with a troweled-on glue, although click-in-place floated tile options are also included.

6. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have been around for quite a while. Terracotta tiles give your home a welcoming, warm, and friendly environment.

It’s a tile flooring material with a robust surface of subtle red or earthy toned clay. In terms of upkeep, you’ll need to seal it every two years to keep stains and scratches at bay.

7. Plastic Laminate Tiles

Another name of this type of tile is planks. It can be an ideal choice if you renovate or remodel your bathroom. This type of tile will not increase the room height. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to create a transition from one room to another.

Laminate tiles can be very long-lasting and appealing to the eyes. However, the tiles will capture standing water, increasing moisture over time. Thus, plastic laminate tiles are more suited for half-baths than full-baths.


You will find many more bathroom floor tile materials. But we have listed the 7 best tile materials for the bathroom floor for you here. So, which one should you pick?

The best pick would be the porcelain and ceramic tiles in terms of popularity. The other tiles listed here would also be great for your bathroom floor, depending on the aesthetic you want to create. Our suggestion for you is to evaluate the pros and cons thoroughly before making your pick.

This evaluation must be the case especially when you plan to use the same type of tiles on the walls of the bathroom that are to be used on the floor like many modern bathrooms these days. It is because the wall tiles will have many other fittings done to them that are likely to need repair time-to-time. For instance, you may need to get the regrouting of the shower done after a certain period of time to prevent the problem of mould. The ease in such maintenance later should thus be one of the factors in consideration while selecting tiles.

Other than this, whenever you plan to get such maintenance done, make sure to hire the best professionals in your area so that they do it in the best possible manner and well within the budget without damaging the look of the tiles. For example, if you are based in Perth and are looking for similar services, shower regrouting perth can be your one-stop solution to get all such maintenance done in your bathroom. 

So, consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance of tiles along with the looks. And then you will be all set for a perfect remodeling of your bathroom.

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