What Level Of Security Are You Looking For?

A high-quality locking system can act as a strong deterrent. You need to be aware of the risks, logistics, and environmental factors that are associated with your application to choose the right level and get the best value. Cam lock Systems will meet with you to discuss your specific circumstances and assess the potential risks to your assets. We will always provide you with the appropriate level of security for your application by listening to your needs.

How Does A Cam Lock Function?

Cam lock systems are vital cabinet latch hardware requirements. Although many enclosures can still be secured with simple tab style latches and locks, those where frequent access is required use cam latches and locks.

Cam locking requires a plate of metal. This is the cam, also known as the cam lock mechanism. It is attached to your locking device. Depending on which type of lock, the cam may drop to one side to lock the application. Or it might rise vertically to unlock.

How To Choose An Appropriate Cam Lock/Latch?

Before we start talking about sizing we need to consider the different types available in latches. It can be difficult for anyone to find the right solution for their application. This includes industrial door latches and locks for cabinet doors. These are some of the key points to keep in mind and will make it easier for you to select the right product.

1. Think About The Cylinder Type

The purpose of your lock will dictate the security level you require. Cam locks can be used to prevent access to outdoor enclosures for electric equipment. An easy to open quarter-turn latch is a better choice for industrial manufacturing. Also, consider the type of cylinder that will influence how the lock opens.

There are three major systems.

  • Keyed together – All locks are opened by the same key
  • Keyed Different Each lock requires its key
  • Master key can open all locks even if they have different keys

It is vital to understand your security requirements.

Cabinet cam latches and locks will offer high security. For example, consider adjustable compression cam latches. Find out more about Latches.

2. What Is Your Application?

What do cam locks serve? The applications are varied. The lock you choose depends on how deep the door is. Depending on the depth of your door, you will need to select housing that is appropriate for the application and provides the functionality you need.

  • A cylinder lock offers many housing options, as well as many styles.
  • A spring-loaded latch such as the quarter turn can be used to lock an electrical panel.
  • Use Mini Adjustable Compression Latches if space is constrained.
  • Compression latches are the best choice if the vibration is a concern.

3. Take Into Account Style And Handling

The design of your cam lock can affect how it works in its application. You should think about how you would like it to open or close. Perhaps a cam lock isn’t the right option for your needs. Consider a magnetic cabinet lock if security is an issue and you don’t have much space. It is quick and simple to install.

  • Safety and health should be taken into account
  • Use a paddle latch to protect the user from accidental injury.

4. Environment

The environment where you will place your application plays an important role in choosing the right cam lock. Cam locks and latches typically are made of stainless, nylon, or diecast zinc alloy. This makes them resistant to corrosion.

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