5 Top Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Adults Recovering From a Stroke

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

A stroke can leave a patient feeling less than themselves. The medical event can affect everything from speech to balance and more. Searching for physical therapy in Gonzalas, LA, can benefit stroke patients. Physical therapists can help patients regain movement and balance. While it is impossible to say whether patients will experience a full recovery, a PT specialist will do their best to get patients back in form.

1. Reinforcing Sensory Motor Skills

All physical therapy clinics in Brittany, LA, work to help patients rebuild and regain sensory-motor skills. The skills include all of the senses, but the real value is in helping patients re-establish coordination. The five senses allow a person to understand where they are in relation to their environment. Sensory-motor skills are crucial for balance.

A physical therapist will help design a custom plan for the patient. The plan will include exercises and activities to help them regain control over their senses. With practice and commitment, most stroke patients will see noticeable improvements. However, all patients should expect some level of frustration because progress never comes as quickly as one would like.

2. Returning to Normal Life

The best Lousiana occupational therapists will design a program aimed at helping the patient return to a “normal” life. It is dangerous to use the word normal because it is open to interpretation. A PT specialist considers the term to mean returning to a life where you feel productive and capable. Patients may believe the word means returning to everything they used to do as they used to do. Unfortunately, depending on the severity of the stroke, a complete return to previous capabilities may not be realistic. Still, an occupational therapist will do everything they can to help you achieve your realistic goals.

3. Improve Range of Motion and Strength

Stroke patients often need to relearn fundamental skills, from walking to grasping or picking things up. Two of the main objective of therapy include improved range of motion and strength training. Patients may need to practice at the parallel bars to rebuild function, muscle, and confidence in walking. A PT may have a patient practice picking up, catching, and throwing a ball. If a return to normalcy is the goal, a PT must work to restore range of motion and strength to establish confidence in the patient.

4. Improve Visual Skills

During PT, patients will continuously receive testing to enhance their visual skills. Perception is one of the primary ways people get around in the world. Therefore, an occupational therapist will help patients develop depth perception and other visual skills.

5. Learn Adaptive Skills

Not everything will be as it was. Patients will need to learn how to adapt to a new way of life. An occupational therapist will help a patient learn new ways of doing old things. For instance, a stroke patient may need to learn how to operate a computer with the help of aid devices.

If you or someone you love is currently recovering from a stroke, do not hesitate to get the assistance you need. Contact a local occupational therapist and schedule an assessment.

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