Decorate basements: All you need to know about it

Decorate Basement

Are you planning to decorate or remodel your basement? This guide provides detailed information about the processes, rules, and much more. To ensure a successful result – read the guide and learn everything you need about decorating or remodeling basements.

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Different types of basement projects

What the basement looks like and what area of ​​use it currently has determined the scope and type of work that must be performed. It will mainly be about whether a surface layer renovation is enough or if you have to start with groundwork around the house foundation. Below you can see what distinguishes the two projects. 

Surface layer renovation

If the basement already meets the requirements for living space, it is usually sufficient to renovate the surface layers. A surface layer renovation can include:

  • Painting of walls
  • Sanding of floors
  • Replacing kitchen doors
  • Replacement of bathroom furniture and crockery
  • Luminaire upgrade

A surface renovation is, first and foremost, an aesthetic change of the home. If you make major changes or rebuild a raw basement into a living space, you will probably need to do more extensive work that includes other measures. 


If the basement is not furnished according to the building’s technical requirements for a living room, groundwork is usually the first step in the construction process. For example, you may need to dig out the foundation to meet the ceiling height requirements or insulate the basement walls from the outside.

These are works significantly more demanding and complicated than those that are part of a surface layer renovation. Groundwork can include work such as: 

  • Exterior drainage and moisture protection
  • Formation of the basement floor
  • Casting of new basement floor and installation of radon barrier
  • Punching holes for new windows and doors

Careful preparation facilitates the renovation work.

Good preparation lays the foundation for successful implementation. In the planning phase, you should do the following: 

Set a budget

By making a budget, you get a clear picture of how much you can afford to invest in the work.  Having a clear plan for how you want or can finance the project is smart. You should also set a ceiling in your budget, an amount that must not be exceeded, and set aside 10-20 percent of the total budget for anticipated events and expenses during the work.  

Make a detailed plan

Before you start looking for the best basement renovations professional, you must do thorough planning. Careful and well-thought-out planning makes it easier for basement renovation companies to submit a fair quote on the work. You can find a lot of inspiration on interior design, floor plans, and the like on social media like Instagram and Pinterest.

Start with a Professional

To expand the basement and turn it into a living room, you must always report a change of use to the municipality and, in almost all cases, apply for a building permit. Therefore, it pays to hire basement renovation companies in Toronto who can assist with drawings and other formalities regarding building permits. An expert can also help optimize the floor plan in the basement.

Spend time finding the right contractor

You should be prepared that you will have to spend some time finding the right contractor for your project. You must do a proper background check on all potential basement renovation companies. Many contractors are also fully booked for several weeks or months ahead, so it can take a long time to book the experts with the right skills and who you would like to complete the project. 


Please note that if you plan to rebuild an unfurnished basement into a living room, you must apply for a building permit from the municipality. A building permit application usually requires a professional, such as basement renovation companies, to compile the necessary documents, take on the responsibility as a designer and apply for a building permit on your behalf.

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