What matters: Instagram Follower Count OR Engagement Rate?

The celebration of 100k or 50k shows that it is all matters on Instagram. Influencers and businesses are throwing the party do a detailed photo-shoot and show off their presence on Instagram. These scenarios make the newbies think that uk instagram followers count is the path to success.

Have you seen many Instagram followers’ numbers where the fan count in thousands, but you have a low segment on the posts? In short, no likes, comments, shares saves on the content. So, is not the number of followers seemed shady? It shows that there is something messy with that account.

Indeed followers counter matters, but you also need to work on the engagement rates. The interaction ratio is the thing that makes your profile visible ot a particular set of people. If followers are doing nothing, then the number does not matter.

Do you need to ignore the follower’s trap or maybe avoid it?

So what is the follower trap as influencers? You need to be aware of this, indeed, follower count matters a lot, and you can buy real instagram followers but never ignore other things.

What is the follower trap? It is the social media profile where there is a mismatch of low engagement rates and high follower count. This might happen for various reasons varying from non-active fans to questionable activities like profile buying fans from fake suppliers.

Many think that fan count measures make the Instagram profile appear successful, but it is not always the case. To know the worth, you must study the follower number with various metrics that affect the algorithm of Instagram.

What is the primary purpose of the infkuencers?

Influencers create a quality fans base that you can monetise. What does it mean? It shows that businesses will hire various influencers to boost and sell the item products an image to the fans, as most are potential clients.

Many sector studies tell the best means to make a loyal and strong following of content creators to curate and create content related to their followers and fans. Even the followers are paid if they interact with your post; it is fine.

The content will likely get special engagement rates if your post is likable. The fan would likely boost the content by resharing 

or even welcoming their friend to follow the content creator profile, raising the fan count. These new followers interact with the post positively and refer on, and it goes on!

 Why must you focus on engagement rates?

Remember, influencers are the bridge that connects businesses to their focused audiences. So as the influences business relevance is vital. Instagram engagement tells how well your post is working and generates the indication of negative and positive perception by fans. Interaction rates support price the influencer value to the business, and their fans’ worth uses engagement rates vs. followers profile number as the indication.


Why are profiles unfollowed you?

Did you understand that Instagram tells profiles about new fans but not those who unfollow? So, here influencers need to be careful and continuously track the charges to understand how many fans are unfollowing them. Usually, ypu lose the follower count because of the lousy quality of flowers. For instance, many pages click the following icon of a new profile in the desire that you will follow back. If it does not happen, then they unfollow you after some time.

Also, if you buy Instagram followers uk form a fake website, these scam accounts and robots eventually get closed. Remember Instagram reviews profiles regularly to guarantee they are real. So your thousand follower number may get disappeared within a few hours!

How to hook your followers to the profile?

The answer is: Awsome content.

So the follower count is nothing to do with the engagement on your posts. For top-quality interaction on your post, you need to create amazing content. The pain point is to align the post with the follower’s interest and ignore the things that end in low engagement rates. So following are the reason that makes followers unfollow you.

  • Followers usually ignore or unfollow the profile because of non-relevant and poor content
  • frequently position of content can lose followers’ interest
  • Your audience is not linking with you visually.

Today influencers have multiple issues like creativity, skills, time to make the best post and keep the quality follower count. If you have done all this best, you can boost organic fan numbers by utilising its algorithms.


So, followers count matter if they are engaging on your post. Look for the quality fan numbers to increase the interaction ratios

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