What’s the difference between a sofa bed and a sleeper sofa?

sofa bed and a sleeper sofa

The interior decor space has evolved tremendously over time, causing rapid growth in minimalist home ideas. Minimalism applies to people looking to save space or live in smaller homes. As a result, they look for furniture to match their minimalistic home style.

This is where sofa beds and fabric sleeper sofas come in. These pieces can turn any room they are placed into an instant guest room. They serve as a seat and a bed at the same time. So you don’t have to worry about a guest coming for a sleepover in your small space. However, though they serve the same purpose, sofa beds and fabric sleeper sofas differ. Here are the differences between the two.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds come in various sizes and styles. They are a type of convertible furniture that converts into a full-size bed. A sofa bed usually consists of two pieces; a base unit and a mattress. The base unit has a frame that supports the mattress, and the mattress itself is placed on top of the frame. This allows the user to convert the sofa bed into a full-size bed without removing the mattress.

However, sofa beds look more like futons and don’t have the traditional mattress. Instead, this piece of furniture lies flat to form a bed. As a result, sofa beds are great space savers but are not suitable for everyone. But a sofa bed is a perfect choice if you want something that offers extra comfort and convenience.

Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas have pull-out mattresses and can be converted into a bed. This type is ideal for studio apartments and accommodating guests. Fabric sleeper sofas have a mattress buried within the frame, and it easily pops and folds whenever needed. It is dual-purpose and is perfect for your small space.

Functional Difference

If you want to choose between a sofa bed and a fabric sleeper sofa, let its purpose guide you. For instance, if you want o buy furniture as an addition to an extra bedroom or for an ill person to sleep, you need to purchase the type with a mattress that can handle this function. Some mattresses are air beds, while others have inner beds. So, in this case, the sleeper sofa comes in handy its mattress has hidden foldable memory foam or innerspring mattress for comfort.

Weight Difference

Sleeper sofas come with a mattress making them significantly heavier than a sofa bed. This weight means that you must choose wisely the location of your sleeper sofa. If your home is multi-level, hauling the upstairs sleeper bed can be challenging. That is why most sleeper sofas are in your home’s living room or lowest level. However, if the furniture must go upstairs, choose an inflatable mattress to make hauling easy.


Sofa beds and fabric sleeper sofas are beautiful, comfortable, and functional additions that your minimalist home should have. Invest in a small or queen-size option, depending on your space’s size, and enjoy the dual purpose and style it adds to your room.

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