What’s The Wolf Cut Hair Female Trend All About?

wolf cut hair female

To see how wolf cut hair female trends change over time is funny to some extent. At one time, straight, sleek, and shiny hair are in fashion. At other choppy layers with tons of texture are in style. Nowadays, the Tik Tok hair trend is in fashion and sweeps the world wild; The wolf cut females hairstyle trend. 

The wolf cut hair female trend typically reminds us a bit of the emo/scene days along with the 70s – style shag. It is a layered haircut with a heavy texture that releases a call of the wild with its shaggy ways.

Now the question arises whether the wolf haircut short female Tiktok trend is suitable for you or not. Or you should leave this Tik Tok trend. We will help you to know about this trending style in our article.

What is the wolf cut hair female trend?

The wolf haircut is actually a tapered haircut that primarily consists of choppy, short layers. These layers start at the crown and then gradually get longer towards the ends of the hair. It is actually the combination of shag cut of the 1970s, the choppy emo/scene haircuts of the 2000s, and the revamped mullet.

Stylists admit that there is a lot of variation in wolf cut girl styles and fashion. These consist of short, long, straight, curly, wavy, and much more. However, the critical components of this viral trend are as follows:

  • It lifts at the roots and crown and gives volume to the overall hairs on the head
  • Lots of short layers and have tapered ends
  • For framing the face, it has a curtain or blunt bangs style.

Besides these features, the overall height of layers and length of the cut can be adjusted according to the choice of wolf cut females. So, a good stylist can make your wolf haircut perfect that suits your styling preferences and face shape.

Wolf haircuts vs. Mullets

Wolf haircut girls are very different from mullets in many ways. Both haircuts are short and heavily layered in the front, but the primary difference between the two is how they are layered. The wolf cut hair female trend is more similar to a shag cut than a mullet.

FeaturesWolf Cut Female HaircutMullet
Front styleHeavily layered short bangsHeavily layered short hairs
Back styleGradual layering that becomes longer at the backPrimarily long hairs
SymmetrySymmetrical all aroundUnbalanced
Key FeaturesFace framing layersLong tail at back

Moreover, the wolf cut hair females usually feature curtain or blunt bangs in the front with short layers to frame the face perfectly. These two features are not a significant part of most mullets. Furthermore, wolf cuts feature layering that slowly gets longer towards the end instead of long hair in the back. Additionally, wolf cuts are more symmetrical and even haircuts than mullets.

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Ten ways to wear the wolf cut hair female trend

Wolf haircut girls usually wear and style this haircut in several ways. However, the styling significantly depends on many factors, some of which involve

  1. Length of your hair
  2. Texture of hair
  3. The type of hair
  4. The depth and length of layers
  5. Bang/fringe variations, and many more. 

We will show you ten gorgeous ways to wear this wolf haircut short female hairstyling trend. So, let’s get started:

  1. Classic wolf cut

The choppiest of layers, a nice curtain bang, shoulder-skimming length, and tons of textured volume up top make the classic wolf cut hair female styling trend. We love the tousled style and undone messy look of this haircut.

  1. Chin–length wolf haircut

This shorter version of the famous wolf haircut short female hair goals trend is nevertheless ideal for air-drying and trendy wear. Choppy, short layers are cut around the top in this haircut, gradually lengthening toward the ends. Moreover, with a beautifully cut fringe in the front, it gives you a complete look.

  1. Shaggy wolf cut female style

It is a shoulder-length style thinned out at the ends to keep the volume of hair focused up top. The outcome is a pleasing style that plays up the tousled, textured ends without looking too wild.

  1. Tamed wolf haircut girl fashion 

This wolf cut is a little tamer, with the short layers starting lower down on the hair shaft. The result is less energetic on top but gives a relaxed wild look. If you are tired of such a cut that is difficult to manage in your daily routine life, then this style is perfect for you.

  1. Sleek Wolf cut

Sleek wolf cut is also identified as a straightened version of the wolf haircut girls popular Tiktok trend. If you don’t like waves or curls every day and it is difficult for you to wear them daily, go to this sleek, straightened style. However, you need a flat iron for this style. Iron over your layers. Then slightly turns the ends under for this look.

  1. Blunt bang wolf cut female look

Usually, curtain bangs are seen with a wolf cut, but the full blunt bang look also looks gorgeous with this cut. A perfect canvas for textured waves can be created by long, shaggy layers of this unique haircut style

  1. Curly wolf cut hair female style

Wolf cut looks completely different with intense natural curls compared to waves or straight hair. The ultra-short layers and bangs of this style could be perfect for your ringlets if you are of the “the bigger, the better” mindset.

  1. Messy Wolf cut

Long face-framing pieces, full bangs, and lots of choppy layers exceptionally make this version of wolf cut girls unique. Hair is teased at the roots and then styled forward for a more significant volume at the crown.

  1. Wolf cut hair female style and micro bangs

The focal point of the shaggy style is ultra-short bangs. This textured style reminds us of a mullet with longer layers in the back. Thus, this style is perfect for women with curly hair.

  1. Coily wolf cut

Coily hair can easily pull off the tapered wolf cut style. You just need to do some addition of short bangs to balance the style of this wolf cut female trend; then, it will perfectly frame your face look.

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Should you get a wolf haircut or not?

The wolf cut hair female trend generally gives women a bold, fresh look with style to everyone. But is it right for you? To find the answer, you should think about a few angles first.

  1. The wolf cut female hairstyle usually require daily styling- are you ready for it?

The hair cut can become tiresome for you because it needs daily styling to create the intended look if you are not blessed with natural texture, volume, and body. More choppy layers mean that it won’t have the bodacious wolf cut look unless you heat style it.

Without creating waves, bodies, or curls with hot tools, this style will lie flat with its numerous layers sticking out at odd angles, ultimately looking unattractive at all. Also, you should primarily consider whether or not you are willing to manage this style to keep your hairs looking at their best daily.

  1. Determine how you will style it.

If your hair has a lot of natural texture, curls, and waves, then you can get away with air–drying this type of cut. So, before you commit to being the wolf cut girl, first think about how you would style it. We suggest working a good hair serum or mousse through your locks first. Then spray hair with a heat protectant. After that, you can use a flat iron to clamp the roots. That helps add volume and creates a soft, textured, wavy look. Moreover, you may also use a volumizing spray or sprinkle the powder in random sections into the roots for more lift.

  1. Your hair type and texture will primarily determine how it will look.

You naturally start to get an idea of how it will look on you once you look at a few pictures of wolf haircut short females. But for you, you should consider your own hair texture and type. Super curly or coily hairs somehow give a very different look with a wolf cut hair female style than fine, pin-straight hair or dense, beachy waves. First, take a view at examples of wolf cut on different hair types to have a rough idea of how your hair will look in this trendy style, then decide to have this haircut for you or not. 

  1. You can customize this haircut according to your face shape to make it more flattering.

As long as you make the proper adjustments, a wolf cut girly style can suit almost any face shape. For example,

  1. Round faces should focus on the top to make a face appear more oval by creating volume with shorter layers.
  2. The best option is for square faces, wispier layers that soften the strong jaws.
  3. Heart-shaped faces should add more layers around the chin level to visually fill it out.
  4. Oval faces can rock any version of the cut.
  5. Trends come and go. Are you sure you want to go for wolf cut hair female trend or not?

Getting a wolf cut can be a little more of a hair commitment than you think, as the old hair adage “it grows back” surely applies here. The ultra-short layers cut into the hair uniquely create a particularly challenging grow-out phase for all. Additionally, you might be fed up with wolf-cut hair due to all the choppy layers and thinking of cutting your hair short again and again.

Is a wolf cut right for you?

Wolf cut hair female trend may be one of those trends that you love to try, or you love to hate. According to us, it’s a breath of fresh air. Most people definitely love the different styles and trends. The tousled beachy waves’ sleek, straight styles are ever–popular. But there is something feminine, wild, and fresh about the wolf cut. 

If you can do daily styling and new looks, then the wolf haircut girl hairstyling trend is for you. Just find a trustworthy expert stylist who knows how to maintain your hair texture and type correctly. That gives you a pleasing version of the cut. Nevertheless, this unique haircut cut suits everyone’s face shape and hair type. 

We also suggest you don’t try it at home. Because it will probably result in a choppy mullet look instead of the edgy, bold wolf haircut. Thus, before doing anything, make sure you bring a few photos of style to your stylist beforehand. That will help your stylist do modifications according to your desire, face, and hair type.


What is the wolf cut hair female trend?

The cut is a new and super stylish wilder version of the mullet. It has reached over 400 million views on Tik Tok so far. A wolf haircut is a hairdo that gives more volume around the front and top portion of your head. It goes gradually thinner and has less volume down the end than the top level. Moreover, although it is difficult to cut, it is easy to maintain.

Is it hard to achieve this hairdo?

It depends on your hairstylist. The more they are skilled, the more quickly you can achieve this haircut. So, search for a stylist that knows how to do detailed and precise ideas. It is not easy for everyone to achieve this hairdo.

Is a wolf haircut short females’ hairdo pricey?

That hairdo is not too pricey. It depends on the professional you hired for your styling. You will pay about 80$ – 120$ for a simple cut. These also include styling or blow-drying services.

Who should go for a wolf cut girlish look?

Everyone can have a wolf haircut. It’s your personal choice what you like or dislike. However, most young girls wear wolf haircuts for their daily routine works or gatherings. That is due to its simple styling properties. If you are on Tik Tok and love to follow trends, you may know how viral this look is.

Time to try something new

If you are looking for some new inspiration hairstyle nowadays, you just have to open Tiktok or Instagram, and you will see an immense variety of trending hairdos and hairstyles. For most ladies, one such bombarding trend haircut of the hour is the wolf haircut viral Tiktok trend. This incredible haircut is not just ruling all the social media platforms over the internet but also becoming an integral part of the lives of most ladies. So, in this article, we showed you the top trending ten best wolf haircut styles, choose the best out of them that you think will suit you the most, and become a part of this viral Tiktok trend.

Let us know which wolf cut hair female’s trending hairdo was your favorite among all of these. Which hairstyle do you plan on rocking sometime soon in the future? We would love to know what has caught your eye and which style are you ready to wear.

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