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Before you buy a cell phone, it’s important to know about it. It’s very interesting to learn not only about shopping, but also about the latest features and user feedback added to the latest models of mobile phones in the smartphone era.

Demand for mobile phones in Bangladesh is no less than in any other developed country. Most of the 160 million people in the country consider mobile phones to be a very important part of their daily lives.

A new phone model has arrived on the market. With visits to several markets in the capital, buyers are increasingly interested in new smartphones with excellent cameras. When buyers are informed about the various benefits of phones, they are attracted and buy them. A whole new smartphone has arrived on the market.

Why are Bangladeshi mobile phones so expensive?

The most important thing people think about before buying a phone is the all mobile price in Bangladesh. After asking for a price, many are hesitant to buy the phone of their choice.

New phones on the market are actually annoying people. The configuration, battery and camera are the same, but why are phones in our country so expensive?

Most importantly, you have a phone with you legally. Tariffs in Bangladesh are much higher than in other countries. To use your smartphone legally, you have to pay 29% of the fare and additional charges at the airport, compared to 16,125% in neighboring India.

And in Australia, you only have to pay $ 50. For each product, additional SD-20% CIFD tax, RD-4% CIFD regulated tax + additional SD tax and prepaid income tax AIT-5% CIFD must be paid in Bangladesh. This fee is almost double or triple compared to other countries. The cost is by phone.

Bangladesh has a sales tax of 15%, but Hong Kong and India do not have sales tax. The US MFN tariff rate is 3.9%, India is 10%, Australia is 5% and Hong Kong is 0% Bangladesh. The tariff rate for MFN is 25%. Taking these aspects into account, it is not uncommon for phone prices to be higher than in other countries. In Bangladesh, you have to pay more for everything.

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