Which camp is best for Desert Safari in Dubai?

Which camp is best for Desert Safari in Dubai

The sunrise Desert Safari has grandiose activities waiting for you to enjoy. Over the past few years, tourism in Dubai has increased exponentially. 

If you have enough leisure or have weekends to spend, Dubai Desert Safari is the best option to spend your summer or winter. 

The dune bashing, sandboarding, quad bike riding, camel ride, and hot air balloon in the morning desert safari are much joy. Moreover, you can enjoy belly dance, fire performance, delicious barbeque, and many other things. 

Although, it all comes in different packages, which are Morning Desert Safari Dubai and Overnight Safari. 

Besides this, there are camps in the sunrise Desert safari. If you are exhausted and want to rest a bit, you can approach these camps and relax. 

In the next phase of this article, we’ll guide you about different camps which are present in the Dubai Desert Safari. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Sonara Camp 

In this camp, you would love the appearance of antelope species like Gazelles and Oryxes under this camp. There is an open kitchen where you can enjoy food; it doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian; every taste is available. 

The kitchen menu has a lot of varieties. You can try chicken, seafood, vegetarian to non-vegetarian. 

While sitting there, you can amuse Arabic songs played by violists. Moreover, there is no waste of food. You can also enjoy a fire show in this camp. 

Platinum Heritage 

The Platinum Heritage is also an enthralling camp to spend your night in. In this camp, you can learn about Dubai culture, and it gives a feeling of early Dubai. 

You can explore wildfires and enjoy the falcon show with delicious meals to enjoy in the camp. Furthermore, you can make your day rollicking with Yola dance, Arabic drumming, Camel rides, and Arabic coffee. 

Besides dinner and coffee, you can enjoy exquisite Majilis while having Sheesha with you.

Al Khayma

It’s a 45-minutes drive in a 4×4 Land Cruiser towards Al Khayma Camp makes you learn a lot of things about Dubai. When you enter the camp, which is located in the Lahbab Desert, you’ll experience a warm feeling. 

You can ride camels and enjoy an exquisite belly dance at sunset. Also, you will be offered fresh and sweet dates of Arabs. You can dress and take photos of the sunset in the evening to make your day memorable. 

Lama Desert Camp 

You can enjoy live entertainment, Sheesha, camel rides, picturesque sunset, tattoos, and much more in this camp. 

After the back-breaking entertainment, you can enjoy a delicious buffet with non-alcoholic drinks, which will be served to you. After filling up your tummy, you will be provided with blankets, a sleeping bag, and coffee at night for better sleep. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, Dubai Desert camps are the best places to spend your night and enjoy a cup of coffee with delicious food. 

We talked about Sonara, Al Khyma, Platinum, and Lama camps of the sunrise Dubai Desert Safari. 

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