Which skip size is right for you?

skip size

Whether you’re refurbishing your worn-out kitchen or you’re sprucing your garden up in time for summer, skip hire in Chorley will be a big help.

From helping you get rid of waste quickly and efficiently to being much more eco-friendly than other methods of waste disposal, there are many things for you to benefit from when hiring a skip.

But there’s one thing you need to get right. Skip size.

If it’s your first time hiring a skip, you’re probably puzzled as to which size you need and why it’s so important.

This post explores the different skip sizes you can choose from and which one will be best for your next project.

2-yard mini skips

Typically, this is the smallest size that skip hire firms offer to their customers.

This size is ideal for small DIY projects and single room renovations, like a kitchen or bathroom refit, and you should comfortably be able to fit up to 30 bin bags (or 4 wheelie bins) full of rubbish inside.

Some people are surprised by how much these little containers can hold!

4-yard midi skips

This is one of the most popular sizes for many hire companies, probably because they’re the perfect in-between.

It suits those who have projects that are expected to generate too much waste to fit in a 2-yard skip, and not enough to fill a larger 8-yard maxi skip.

They hold up to twice as much as 2-yards, and if you expect your project to generate up to 40 bin bags (or 8 wheelie bins) of waste, it’ll be perfect.

8-yard maxi skips

This is the largest domestic skip size that skip hire firms offer.

If you’re tackling a large project and expect to generate large amounts of waste, it’s best to look into an 8-yard maxi skip.

With the ability to hold a mammoth 60-80 bin bags, or 16 wheelie bins full of waste, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice for those wanting to make sure they can get rid of all of their rubbish in one go.

So, if you’re planning a full-scale clear-out, 8-yards is the ideal size.

Is there anything else I should consider?

Before booking a domestic skip, there’s much to think about.

One issue that can arise is local council by-laws regarding the placement of skips.

If you don’t have enough room in your garden or driveway, your only option is to leave your container on the road or pavement outside your property.

Councils will have their own rules on this practice and will often require permits that include a list of rules and regulations.

For more information on skip hire in Chorley, Preston and other nearby areas, click here.

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