Why Gas Ducted Heating Has Become Increasingly Popular In Australian Homes

Ducted gas heating is one of the most popular ways to heat Australian homes. There are a few reasons for this – it’s efficient, economical and effective. Let’s take a closer look at why ducted gas heating has become so popular in Australia.

Gas Ducted Heating System Works Efficiently All Year Round 

In any home, comfort is key. And when it comes to heating and cooling, ducted systems are one of the most efficient and effective options. These heaters work by circulating warmed air through a series of ducts that are connected to each room in the house. 

As a result, the entire house can be evenly heated, without hot or cold spots. Additionally, ducted systems are highly energy-efficient, helping to reduce utility bills. And because they are hidden away in the ceiling, they can also help to create a more stylish and streamlined look in the home. 

Braemar is one of the leading manufacturers of ducted heaters, and their products are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency all year round. So if you’re looking for a heating and cooling solution that will keep your home comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside, Braemar ducted heaters are worth considering.

Gas Ducted Heaters Are Reliable, Affordable And Keeps Your Home Cozy

Ducted gas heating is becoming increasingly popular as a home heating solution. And it’s not hard to see why. Gas ducted heaters are reliable, affordable and keep your home cozy in winter. These heaters work by circulating warm air through a series of ducts in your ceiling. This means that the entire house can be evenly heated, without any cold spots. 

Gas ducted heaters are also very efficient, as they only need to operate for a short period of time to heat your home. And when you compare gas prices to electricity prices, gas is much more affordable. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to keep your home warm this winter, consider a gas ducted heater.

Gas Ducted Heaters Are Popular Because They Are Aesthetically Pleasing In Any Home

Gas ducted heating is a type of central heating that uses natural gas instead of electricity to heat your home. It is cheaper to operate than electric central heating, and it also provides a more consistent level of heat. Gas ducted heating is also popular because it is aesthetically pleasing in any home. Gas ducted heaters are available in a variety of styles and colors, and they can be installed in any room in your home. 

Gas ducted heating is safe and efficient, and it can be used to heat your home in any climate. Climatise is a leading provider of gas ducted heating systems in Australia, and we can help you find the perfect system for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Gas Ducted Heating System Ensures That You Get Clean Allergen-Friendly Air

Are you looking for a ducted heating system that will also ensure you get clean allergen-friendly air? Consider a Bonaire ducted heater. Bonaire ducted heaters are designed to not only provide warmth but also to remove pollutants and allergens from the air. They use a three-stage filtration system to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, which means that your air will be purified and allergen-free. 

In addition, Bonaire ducted heaters are low maintenance and easy to operate, making them a great choice for those who want clean air without hassle. Learn more about Bonaire ducted heaters by visiting https://www.climatise.com.au/.

Gas Ducted Heating System Allow Zoning – You Can Only Heat Areas As Per Your Choice

Ducted heaters are a great way to heat your home as they allow you to zone areas – meaning you can only heat the areas you want to. This can be great for saving energy and money, as you’re not heating areas of the house that you’re not using. Ducted heaters also tend to be very efficient, as they don’t lose any heat through ducting. https://www.climatise.com.au/ is a great resource for finding ducted heaters in Australia. 

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient way to heat your home, ducted heating is definitely worth considering!

Gas Ducted Heaters Work Quietly, Quickly And Provides Great Energy Savings

Gas ducted heating is a great way to heat your home quietly, quickly and efficiently. Gas ducted heaters work by drawing air into the unit, heating it up and then circulating the warm air throughout the room or home via a system of ducts. These heaters are very efficient, as they only use gas to heat the air and do not generate any waste products. 

Gas ducted heating is also very quick, as it can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius in just a few minutes. Gas ducted heaters are very quiet, as they do not produce any noise when they are operating. Gas ducted heating is a great choice for those who want to save money on their energy bills, as it is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home.


In a nutshell, gas ducted heating is becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes because it works efficiently all year round, is reliable and affordable, keeps your home cozy, can be aesthetically pleasing in any home, ensures that you get clean allergen-friendly air, and allows zoning – you can only heat areas as per your choice. Additionally, gas ducted heating systems work quietly, quickly and provide great energy savings. 

If you’re considering upgrading your current heating system or are building a new home and are unsure of what type of heating system to install, we highly recommend gas ducted heating – it really is the best option out there!

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