Why Invest in Third-Party Logistics For Your Fashion Business?

Are you an online fashion brand trying to juggle the endless tasks associated with fashion logistics? That includes shipping, warehousing, distribution and fulfilment services, to name a few. If yes, it is time that you invest in third-party logistics for your fashion business.

Apart from the authentic styling and production of fashion pieces, a complex supply chain management process ensures that the products are stored efficiently and delivered on time. This aspect determines customer satisfaction and helps build a strong reputation for your company.

Think for yourself, if you order a clothing item and it doesn’t arrive at your location in proper packaging on time, would you ever view that brand in a positive light? No, right. So, a compromise on the logistics front would mean compromising the company’s reputation.

That is where 3PL or third-party logistics come into the picture. To help you get a clear idea about what third-party logistics is and why it is the right investment for your business, here is a glimpse into everything you need to know about 3PL.

What is Third-Party Logistics?

A third-party logistic provider is an organisation that offers different supply chain management services to its clients. From storing your inventory and ensuring its proper packaging to delivering it to the customer’s doorstep, third-party logistics covers every task you would need to fulfil an order.

Services included in third-party logistics (3PL):

  • Inventory management
  • Warehousing
  • B2B And B2C Fulfillment, Drop Shipping
  • Unloading And Receiving
  • Kitting And Assembly Services
  • Repackaging
  • Reverse logistics i.e. returns

So, once you opt for professional third-party logistics, you entrust the responsibility of properly storing and delivering your products to able and experienced hands.

Why Opt For Fashion 3PL in Australia?

Still, the question remains: why opt for Fashion 3PL in Australia? To answer this question, let’s have a look at some benefits of Investing in Third-Party Logistics For Your Fashion Business:

1.   Customer Satisfaction

Dealing with fashion logistics on your own is a possibility, but when you try to balance it all with other tasks like designing and production, you will have a hard time. And you may end up making mistakes that could bring down the reputation of your brand. But when you have a separate team of professionals working to ensure the fulfilment of your orders, it leaves no room for errors. So, you can guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of efficient delivery.

2.   An easy Solution For all Your Storage Concerns

If you are in the fashion business, you will need a lot of storage space, which would mean investing in renting or owning a warehouse and then the additional cost of maintaining it. If you wish to skip this part, you can opt for fashion 3PL in Australia. They offer proper warehousing facilities at an economical rate and guarantee the safe and efficient storage of all your fashion pieces.

3.   Helpful In Fulfilling International Orders

Working with international clients would mean working in different time zones. And that is in no way an easy task as it poses several management issues, and you cannot possibly expect yourself or your employees to be at work 24*7. So, with third-party logistics, you can send the products to the nearby centre and have them oversee the delivery procedure.

4.   Enhances Your Overall Productivity

Your team might be efficient at designing your products, but logistics might not be their niche. If that’s the case, if they are to undertake this task, it will bring in the possibility of errors and bring down their overall productivity, especially if you are a startup. If you have limited hands and make them undertake tasks they are not proficient at, your productivity graph will decrease. So, it’s better to outsource logistic services and rest easy on that part.

How To Choose The Best Third-Party Logistics For Your Business?

1.   Size and Scale

Your delivery needs are ever-increasing. So your logistic provider should be capable of providing large scale warehousing and delivery facilities in terms of both manpower and infrastructure. Your choice of company should have spacious warehouses, connections with reliable freight companies and fully stocked on all needful technologies.

2.   Specialise in End-to-End Project Management

When you are on the hunt for a Fashion 3PL Australia, one thing you need to enquire about is their service list i.e, what all services would they offer as your logistics partner. If their services list doesn’t align with the needs of your business, they won’t be able to cater to your requirements. So make sure that the names you are considering offer end-to-end project management services, including warehousing, transportation, unloading, etc.

3.   Experience

The tasks that a third-party logistics provider undertakes on your behalf are critical to the success of your business. So, you cannot just trust just anyone with it all. And that’s why to choose the best; you have to look for the experience they have in the industry and undertake projects of similar scales. If they don’t have experience in fashion logistics, there are fewer chances that they would be able to meet the high expectations of the fashion business.

Choose the best Fashion Logistics Provider For Your Business

Now that you know everything about fashion 3PL in Australia, all left to do is engage with the best logistics company for your business. And that is where our team at Efficient comes into the picture. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we deliver world-class customer service.

To know more about our team and our services, you can reach us at +61 402 327 874 or trishd@efficientservicesgroup.com.au.

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