Why is Dubai becoming a digital nomad hub?

Why is Dubai becoming a digital nomad hub

It is known to all that Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after holiday spots that most people wish to see at least once in their lifetime.  But, did you know that this emirate is now fast becoming a favorite of digital nomads as well? The concept of combining career with travel is not something new, but it has gained more popularity after the pandemic, with more people switching to the convenient remote work model. 

So, if you are one of those free-spirited techies or employees untethered to a conventional work space and prefer to work online, you will definitely enjoy traveling to Dubai. And here are more reasons that will urge you to begin a digital nomad life in Dubai. 

  1. High-end Infrastructure & Stringent Safety Policy 

Dubai allocates about 50% of its yearly budget on its infrastructural design and development. This is reflected in its seamless economic growth. The city has to its credit one of the world’s best transport, health and medical care infrastructure. Not to mention about its digital infrastructure, thanks to the city’s aim to build an economy driven by data. It is also set to become the first city in the world to be fully supported by the innovative blockchain technology. All these and beyond make Dubai a favorite of digital nomads. 

One of the staples for remote working is the strong and uninterrupted internet or Wi-Fi connection. Dubai, fortunately, is known for its stable internet connectivity and consistent power supply which you can even enjoy free at majority of public places across the city. Apart from these, Dubai is an exceptionally safe city with its crime-free environment. With the stringent policies in place, it was ranked among the world’s safest cities even in the pandemic time. In effect, it is one of the few destinations that have successfully contained the spread of COVID-19. 

  1. Strategic Location 

Dubai boasts of a geographically significant location right in the center of Asia and Africa. This creates more business opportunities, and apparently is the major reason which allows most companies to thrive. Moreover, it has two international airports (Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport) that operate flights to and from almost all destinations across the world. In a nutshell, this makes it feasible for you to travel almost anywhere from Dubai without any complication and hassle. 

  1. Plenty of Co-Working Spaces 

If you wish to work outside of your regular office space or even hotel rooms, there are some cool co-working places in Dubai. These spaces are so well-equipped and pleasingly set that they will help to bring out your creativity and productivity efficiently. A4Space, Astrolabs, Nest, Our Space, Nasab by KOA and Impact Hub are some of our most recommended co-working destinations in Dubai. Each of them lets you work without any distraction and also makes a great spot for meetings, start-up discussions etc. 

  1. Plenty of Things to See 

Dubai is a tourist hotspot that draws more than 16 million visitors every year. You can, apparently, imagine the countless things to see and do here.  It is home to a smorgasbord of record-breaking attractions including Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Frame, and mostly the recently launched Ain Dubai, which is the world’s largest and highest Ferris wheel. The best thing about Dubai is that it is a place for all! Theme park lovers are spoilt for choices with Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds and the snow-themed Ski Dubai, among others. Apart from these, Dubai is the go-to place for art and theater lovers; the classic Dubai Opera and the brand-new Infinity des Lumière are a testament to this fact. 

  1. Amazing Accommodations for Every Budget

Given its glamorous reputation, Dubai is considered a super expensive city. We don’t deny this fact, although we don’t agree with it completely. No matter if you want to splurge or stay without breaking the bank, you will find all types of accommodations in Dubai. Seasons, location, and in-room comforts are among the factors that impact the hotel rates. You will be able to bag maximum savings by taking care of a few of these aspects. 

Pre-planning is a must for your Dubai trip in peak winter months (November to March).  Book your accommodation at least three months before your visit here. Likewise, pick your accommodation in a location that is easily accessible and in immediacy to the main attractions and experiences you wish to participate in the city. When it comes to accommodation type, there are several options. But, for a home-away-from-home feel, choose to stay in a hotel apartment with rooms, kitchenette etc. 

  1. Flexible Visa Policy 

As per the Work-from-Anywhere Index conducted by Nestpick, Dubai emerged as the second most popular city preferred by digital nomads, after Melbourne. And this is largely due to its convenient Dubai visa programs, especially the exclusive residence permit (valid for one year) issued for remote workers. Apart from these, visitors who wish to make frequent trips to Dubai can now apply for five-year UAE multiple-entry visa. This allows digital nomads to enter, leave and re-enter as many number of times as they wish during this five-year period. 

  1. Friendly Locals and Residents 

Dubai’s locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming people. And this is evident from its population which account for more than 80% of expats (residents) from different parts of the world. Yes, people from 200 plus countries live here amicably which prove that the city is pleasantly multi-cultural. All these, on the whole, make you feel safe and secured the moment you land here. 

  1. Dine for Less 

From celebrity run restaurants and cafes to dining venues owned by Michelin starred chefs, it may appear that Dubai will easily burn up your savings. But, luckily, the reality is that it is possible to keep your dining budget within the limits. It is thanks to some of the amazing affordable eats spread all over the city. This ranges from food courts inside the malls and shopping centers to incredibly cheap street food options available at Bur Dubai and Deira areas. They all let you dine like a royal interestingly with a bill as low as $3. After all, foods such as shawarma, falafel etc won’t cost you more than AED 7 (approximately $2). 

  1. Adventure Activities 

It is handsdown a paradise for Dubai digital nomads looking for adventure of all sorts. Whether you crave for an exhilarating water activity, nature based thrill, or even a crazy session of air-borne activity, it is all possible here. Have an unforgettable rendezvous with the miles and miles of untouched dunes on an all-inclusive desert safari or spend a whole day at Aventura Parks Dubai to experience nature and fresh air with loads of exciting activities. 

For unparalleled water fun, take to AquaFun Dubai (largest of its kind inflatable water park) or sign up for water adventures such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding etc. For those who wish to get extreme, don’t miss the chance to fly on the fastest and longest urban zipline (XLine Dubai) and of course, enjoy sky diving over the fabulous man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. 

  1. Overall, It is an exciting place to be 

Be it summer or winter, Dubai is a great place to visit year-round. Bursting with energy and unlimited things to experience, the city allows you to be part of some prestigious events, shows and festivals on your every visit here. For those who are not aware, Dubai currently hosts the much looked forward to Dubai Expo 2020 which is a global gathering of unmatched wonders and opportunities. 


Whether you are already pro or completely new to the digital nomad concept, Dubai is one of the most fantastic places to combine leisure and entertainment with working. In fact, digital nomads have tonnes of options to experience the energetic Dubai lifestyle to the fullest! 

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