Why you should do marketing on Tiktok


What is Tiktok?

After the success of other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Whatsapp. Tiktok is the next unicorn to attract user engagement.

With the increasing in active users. Tiktok is now the top 7 app that has the most user in the world.

Tiktok is originally named Douyin in China, and widely known worldwide since Sept 2017. After a year of launching, it reached 100 millions users and 1 billions videos viewed every single day. Tiktok is now the most downloaded free app one App Store with more than 850 millions downloads.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering tik tok marketing for your company. You can make movies that will help, or you can duet with someone famous on TikTok, which will give your video a lot of views, and boom, you’ll be a celebrity or brand on TikTok. To learn how to duet on TikTok or make an entertaining video, you must first understand how to duet on TikTok.

It features short videos from 15-second to 3-minute videos related to pranks, jokes, entertainment.

If your business use social networks as main marketing channels, you have used Facebook, instagram, Pinterest or Youtube, then Tiktok cant be out of your list. 

  • Influencer marketing

Tiktok helps boosting influencer marketing to a whole new level, as digital marketing strategists usually use Instagram Viewer, youtubers in their schemes. Now tiktok is the most engaged and viral content that any marketer must consider.

Imagine hundred of influences talking about your brand to thousands of their followers in an entertaining way. This kind of media is much more easily digested than the traditional commercial. You can easily search on Google for successful case studies.

  1. Viral

An appealing video is calling for relatively large amount of likes, comments, and even share to other social platforms. If you know how insert your brand message in the video, it would benefit your brand massively.

Remember, tiktok is about entertainment, don’t excessively promote your business, it will harm your engagement rate and the campaign will fail eventually.

  • Businesses are shifting to Tiktok

A lot of businesses have considered or already appeared on Tiktok, they can’t resist the temptation of this app. Because if they do it the right way, they can rocket their business, if not it’s will be fun to do.

Most audiences are gen Z (1997 onwards), age 18 to 34, that’s why brands in consumer industries can easily gain awareness on this platform with their creative ideas or cooperation with hot tiktokers.

  1. Understand Tiktok users psychology

Each platform, users tend to react in differently way, you need to experience the network by yourself to see which kind of content is preferable, the vibe, length and quality. For example, on Instagram, people care more about aesthetic of the image and video, if you cant meet that requirements, it’s hard to get attention. On tiktok, the main factor is the idea, expression, vibe, consistency and video editing.

Your first few videos will not have a flooding wave of likes and comments, be patient with your content strategy. Gradually, your active effort will pay off. And in some cases, tiktok algorithm will help you as well.

  • Collaborate

You can contact another brand to collab in your video, a brand that is relevant to your brand and both can benefit from the benefit, for example a detergent and washing machine brand can work together.

As collab is a norm in the fashion and apparel industry, you can learn how Nike collab with basketball players. And apply this tactic to your brand.

Get in touch with some influencer market to collab your influencers with others, each has their own style, they can cooperate to create a whole new content and it will broadcast to followers of both.

  1. Catch a trend

Trending is also a crucial part in a successful tiktok campaign. If the trend is suitable for your brand message and positioning, dont hesitate to brainstorm with your team to come up with an unexpected way that your audiences is excited about. And the trend itself would help you reach broader target audience, as long as you know and apply the hashtags effectively.

For example, while in quarantine, what people care about? Physical health, exerices, safety, online study, online work. Apply these pieces of content to your schema and compile.

  • Share on other social networks as well

You can shared your tiktok content on other platforms to attract more potential viewers. Any videos that meet the tiktok standard can also be uploaded to other social networks as well, especially on Instagram.

  • Buy a tiktok account to boost up faster

It’s not easy to start a tiktok channel from scratch, there are some sites offering tiktok account for sale. A tiktok account with 100k followers starting from just 99$ will be a good fit for any starting business.Buy tiktok account that has focused topic relavant to your business. Some accounts has already registered as creator fund, so you can also earn money right from tiktok.

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