3 Ways How Influencer Marketing Will Lead the Digital Marketing

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Influencer Marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful modes of social media marketing today. For any small or mid-sized business to promote their products and services on social media platforms, the outreach is confined to their limited follower count. But by liaising with popular social media influencers with high followership, you can reach out to untapped market segments with utmost ease. Yet another reason for the soaring popularity of influencer marketing is that your target audience is more likely to believe in an influencer whom they follow and look up to, as compared to the advertisements posted directly by a business. 

Relying on the Best Digital Marketing Agency

If you are on the lookout for the digital marketing company services to outsource your online marketing requirements, make sure you go through the different packages available. Based on various business profiles, consumer behaviour patterns, product and service categories, and of course budgetary constraints, there are multiple digital marketing packages offered by any reputed digital marketing company in Mumbai. These primarily include:-

  • SEO, Local SEO, and Google Maps
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing that includes Influencer Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing

Digital marketing packages that include Influencer Marketing are being increasingly preferred by businesses, owing to their high ROI. Industry experts have predicted that very soon, influencer marketing will pave the lead new paths for digital marketing. Let us explore the top 3 ways in which this trend is expected to materialize in the coming years.
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  1. Expanding the Horizons of Content Marketing

What’s most unique about Influencer Marketing is that content creation is given a free hand. This provides ample room for creativity. When brands collaborate with influencers, there are certain generic instructions provided. But the onus of creating content is completely upon the influencer and his/her voice, style, and personality. From YouTube Home Chefs recommending the use of certain branded kitchen appliances and cooking ingredients, to Instagram makeup artists promoting different makeup brands, the scope of influencer marketing is indeed unlimited. The kind of influencer marketing content pieces (blogs, whitepapers, infographics, vlogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, and so on that are likely to go viral are the ones that stand out in terms of:-

  • Authenticity/Genuineness
  • Clickbait/ Buzzworthy Content
  • Topical Content  that addresses current issues or contemporary topics
  • Content that addresses a genuine need
  • Building Conversations around brands
  1. Geotargeting using Influencer Marketing

When the trend of Influencer Marketing had started a couple of years back, the main beneficiaries were big brands. Small and mid-sized businesses had not set foot in this realm. 

The best digital marketing agency or digital marketing company in Mumbai states that this trend of a handful of top brands ruling the roost is gradually fading away. Slowly and steadily, local businesses restricted to a certain geographical zone have begun to reap the massive benefits of Influencer Marketing. When local businesses target potential clients based on their location, it is known as geotargeting. When this process is carried out by social media influencers, this is referred to as Geo-Marketing or Micro-Influencer Marketing. The key is to identify the right social media platform along with the right influencer to promote your business. As a local entrepreneur, your aim should be to educate prospective clients in your vicinity about your business. Liaising with the right influencer whose follower base corresponds with your geographical targeting, and matches your average customer profile is the right way to go. In the near future, geo-targeting via Influencer Marketing will be as crucial to local businesses as local SEO.

  1. Trust-Building as opposed to Pushy Selling

Businesses are gradually refraining from investing in obtrusive pop-up advertisements and mass email marketing. With the increasing competition, it is important to understand that when faced with multiple choices, consumers will always opt for a brand that they trust. It has become an emerging habit amongst most of us today to turn to the internet for advice before purchasing anything new or availing of a service for the first time. In this regard, Influencer Marketing provides the perfect opportunity for trust-building. By collaborating with the right Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Influencers, you can usher in the process of raising awareness about your services, products, unique selling points, and how trustworthy you are as a business. Remember, recognized experts talking positively about you, generates more credibility than your marketing representatives promoting your business.


Tapping into the enormous base of social media users can prove to be a goldmine for any business. When it comes to grabbing eyeballs, seeking attention, going viral, and simultaneously building trust, the unconventional content strategies of social media influencers provide the ideal digital marketing strategy for your business. Very soon, this alternate marketing route will become mainstream and will replace many of the currently practiced online marketing strategies, particularly the paid ads. 

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