7 Home Theater Design Ideas to Improve Your Home-Cinema Experience

Building a home cinema room is a true endpoint of home remodeling. Once you are finished with the installation and fixtures of your homes, it’s time to focus on your entertainment needs. Home cinema rooms are a great way of fulfilling your entertainment needs. 

Though a home cinema installation is not just about a screen or a chair, it’s way more than that. Certain requirements need to be acknowledged to improve your home-cinema experience. For instance, controlling lighting, the actual room interior, and comfortable seating.

 Since home cinema is a lot more different than your normal tv rooms, let’s dig deeper into home theater designs to improve your home theater experience:

1.    Make a Separate Home Cinema Room

A room solely made for home cinema would mean nothing else happens except screening-related activities in a home theater room. It would make your home-theater experience more desirable than ever. And today, screening means more than just movies. Many screening services are available, such as Netflix, Amazon, video gaming, and much more.

If your home theater room shares space with other activities, it will lessen your cinematic experience. For instance, when home cinema space shares its space with the kitchen, the smells and cooking sounds disturbs the cinematic experience. Or, if the theater is placed in the living room, kids run around, and it isn’t easy to control the light settings.

Therefore, solely space dedicated to home cinemas works best. However, maintain a proper distance from the screen. For example, a projector needs to be a 14-foot distance to cast a 150-inch diagonal picture to have a perfect home cinema experience.

2.    Outside Home-Cinemas

Why limit home cinema experience to indoors only, when you can experience it under the stars? Yes, it is possible to place a home cinema outside with a handheld projector, a flat exterior surface, white sheet, or a portable screen. Outdoors home cinemas give a more cozy feeling. It is perfectly suited if you like to sit under the stars and do activities that make you feel cozy and entertained.

You can perfectly arrange an outdoor home cinema by hanging some string lights, arranging some outdoor-friendly furniture, and piling on some cozy pillows and sheets. It’ll give you a magical home-cinema experience.

3.    Control the Ambient Sound

Ambient Sound is the unwanted Sound outside the home cinema room. Even if you have a separate home cinema room, there is a possibility of Sound coming from outside that can ruin your cinematic experience. For instance, plumbing noises, kitchen noises, dishwashers, or kids in other rooms. However, there are some steps you can take to improve your cinema experience:

●   Soundproof your home theater room by adding an extra drywall layer or replacing your drywall with a special sound-reducing wall.

●   Replace your normal doors with solid doors to soundproof the room.

●   If you have windows in your home cinema room, put thicker curtains that absorb sound.

4.    Make Use of your Basement

A basement in your home is a perfect space to set up a home cinema. Basements are isolated and dark, making lightning and sound performance easier to control. You can make a perfect home cinema room in your basement by painting your walls with dark color. And adding an extra-large flat screen.

5.    Scrutinize Alternate Locations

If you do not have a basement or separate room for a home cinema, you can find other ways to make a perfect home cinema room. For instance, transform your walk-in closet or spare bedroom into a home cinema room by adding sofas and a screen projector. Or, you can also convert a garden shed, unused garage, or pool house.

6.    Set up Control Systems

Set up a proper control system in your home theater room. For instance-iPad, whole-home automation system, iPhone, or custom controls. It will help you control the Sound, lighting, and everything else with ease.

7.    Use Dark paint for the Ceiling and Walls.

To control home theater lightning or to have an improved experience, color your walls with dark colors. For instance, color up your walls and ceilings with a gray or matte black color.

Creating the best home cinema experience means every cozy item you have to make it the most comfortable space. So read out such design ideas and make your home theater experience magical. 

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