A meeting in which the spirit of fair,in sport

Clean and equal competition prevails, instead of cheating, deceit and violence. In Spain and in Europe, sport, in short, is an activity of free people, in an open society, based on respect for diversity and equality among people. For this reason, and in a unique way, the sports framework of professional competition within the framework of professional and high competition Judi Bola Gila is obliged to be an ethical reference in values ​​and behavior for society as a whole.

In this field of values ​​education especially Olympic as a philosophy of life- the personal example is what counts most and influences young athletes and society as a whole. The potential of sport in its formative dimension is enormous: due to its playful and attractive nature, but also due to its condition of vital experience, in which its practitioners feel protagonists, while at the same time reinforcing their interpersonal relationships and bringing affection into play, feelings, emotions and identities, much more easily than in other disciplines.

For these reasons, sports practice is an educational resource,

 This generates an exceptionally suitable learning context for the development of intellectual, affective, motor and ethical skills and qualities, which allows the youngest to transfer what they have learned in sport to other areas. Of everyday life, This proven dimension of 해외축구중계 makes it a particularly useful educational tool to deal with disturbing phenomena and community threats, such as the increase in antisocial behavior; the existence of vandalism and hooliganism among young people; the increase in racist and xenophobic attitudes and behaviors; academic marginalization and school failure; drug and alcohol use; or the worrying progress of sedentary lifestyle and obesity at increasingly younger ages.

The European acquits communautaire to eradicate

Violence in sport is based on the conviction that it is the citizens as a whole, that is, each and every one of the people who comprise it, who have the obligation to contribute, each one from their respective field of competence, that stadiums, sports facilities and outdoor spaces for physical activity are open, safe, inclusive and barrier-free places. A meeting place in which professional athletes and amateur spectators and managers, as well as the rest of the agents that make up the Spanish sports system, respect the principles of sports ethics and the right of people to difference and diversity.

No race, religion, political belief or ethnic group can be considered superior to another.

 And in this regard, what happens in sport must reflect the values ​​on which our democratic coexistence is based. The unstoppable success of sport as a social phenomenon also makes it possible to multiply its dimension as an enormously effective integration factor. Sport Royal188 is a universal language that is understood in all languages, which is why it constitutes a powerful factor of intercultural integration in multiethnic societies, which favors the development of multiple and inclusive identities, which reinforce the cohesion and social coexistence of pluralistic and complex societies. .

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