Best Non-Combat Skills for Farming OSRS Gold

Farming OSRS Gold

Here’s everything you need to know about the non-combat skills that will bring you the best profits in Old School RuneScape.

When considering the gain or loss of OSRS gold, there are three types of non-combat skills: gold sink skills or skills with expensive training methods, such as Construction or Prayer. Then there are the earning skills in which you are going to gain something regardless of the method. These are mainly the gathering skills such as Fishing, Woodcutting, or Mining. Then there are the skills that have a considerable gap between your potential loss or profit, mainly processing skills, such as Crafting, Runecraft, or Smithing. These skills all depend on the method you choose to train them and whether you want fast XP or to make some OSRS GP. For example, you can spend a lot of GP and use darts to train Fletching, or you can cut Yew or Magic Longbows for a bit of profit at much slower XP rates.

The more tedious the activity is the more profitable it is, or the lower the XP rates, the more OSRS GP per hour you can get with that specific skill. While farming OSRS gold through non-combat skills is not the best method, it does have its perks. For starters, the non-combat money-making techniques are low click-intensive and permit a lot of error. They don’t require much attention and click precision compared to combat methods with similar profits. You’re also safe from dying.

Farming OSRS Gold Through Thieving

Thieving is one of the most lucrative skills in OSRS. It is the best non-combat skill you can use to earn a lot of gold fast. First, you will need to get 99 or close in the Thieving skill. You shouldn’t let this discourage you because Thieving is one of the fastest 99s in OSRS. Even if you don’t have 99 Thieving, you will still gain a significant portion of the OSRS GP.

Before doing any pickpocketing for profit, go to Burthrope any time after getting level 50 Thieving and Agility and play the Rogues’ Den minigame until you get your entire Rogues outfit. This is extremely useful as it will double the loot you gain while pickpocketing. Another thing that will help you while Thieving is completing the hard Ardourgne Diary as this will increase your chances of being a successful pickpocket by 10 percent.

There are a few NPCs you can pickpocket for money. Vyres are one of the best options as they are the only ones to drop the high-value blood shards. Besides, they drop other valuable loot, which you can use high alchemy on.

To access them, you will need a decent combat level to kill Vanstrom Klause and finish the Sins of the Father quest, which unlocks Darkmeyer, where you can find the pickpocket-able Vyres. It’s best to bring high alchemy runes (fire and nature runes), Vyre noble clothing, and the Drakan Medalion as an easy teleport to Darkmeyer. To easily pickpocket Vyres, you’ll need to turn the single click/tap mode on from the game settings and position yourself so that your cursor is on top of the pickpocket text and the Vyre you choose to pickpocket.

Another great way to use the Thieving skill to gain OSRS gold is pickpocketing Elves. You will need to have completed the Song of the Elves quest and access Prifdinnas. Use the same single click /tap option as for the Vyres. If you hate the double click for one action, you can pickpocket Master Farmers for lower profits. They do drop various seeds, so you will occasionally need to drop all the worthless ones.

Farming OSRS Gold With the Runecrafting Skill

Runecraft is a tedious skill, and unless you choose to train through combination runes, you will most likely profit. You can craft many runes through the Abyss for even faster profit at the minimum risk of traveling through the low-level wilderness to enter the Abyss. You can craft death, nature, cosmic, or astral runes for a decent profit. Moreover, you can craft blood, soul, or wrath runes at their special altars for quite an excellent low-focus profit. Even the Ourania altar method will reward you with some currency.

Farming OSRS Gold With Smithing

Smithing is one of the best examples of processing skills. Its fastest and most expensive training method is smelting gold bars from gold ore at the Blast Furnace with the gold gauntlets equipped. With Smithing, you also have one of the most non-combat AFK activities in OSRS with a meager XP gain and a small profit: smithing cannonballs. Finally, the relatively click-intensive but great money-making technique is smelting metal bars at the Blast Furnace.

To start using the Blast Furnace unrestricted, you’ll need a Smithing level of 60. You will need some GP to pay to use it (72 thousand per hour). You will also need the Ice Gloves, an OSRS item that replaces the buckets of water you’d typically have to use to cool down the bars before being able to retrieve them. The Ice Gloves are fastening up the process by a lot, and you can only get them as a drop from the Ice Queen. You can smelt steel, mithril, adamant, or runite bars for a decent profit. The Graceful Outfit is a must as it will reduce the run restoring potions you’ll have to use, thus saving you some OSRS GP. The coal bag might also be helpful, especially if you’re smelting higher-tier ore that requires more coal per bar.

In A Nutshell

There are many other lower-profit methods to earn OSRS gold safely. You can always choose to mine gems at the Shilo Village Mine, chop Magic trees in the Woodcutting Guild, fletch some longbows, or fish some Karambwans. Ultimately each activity has its positives and negatives, and it’s up to you to decide which is the best method for you personally, regardless of the amount of OSRS GP you can get.

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