WoW TBC Classic’s Sunwell Plateau Raid: What You Need to Know

Sunwell Plateau Raid

Known as the final raid in Burning Crusade Classic, the Sunwell Plateau is the final hurrah for the second expansion of WoW.

The much-awaited content update for Burning Crusade Classic, the Sunwell Plateau Raid raid, and the Fury of the Sunwell are now live for WoW TBC gold farmers and gamers! Set as a part of Phase 5, Prince Kael’thas’ attempt at bringing Kil’jaden to Azeroth also brings about a new faction where players can gain reputation. Besides that, players can expect a new dungeon, the Shattered Sun Offensive, Magisters’ Terrace, and many more to the fray. While Burning Crusade Classic players could join the Shattered Sun Offensive as early as May 10, they had to wait two more days before entering the Sunwell Plateau (May 12).

What is the Sunwell Plateau?

The Sunwell Plateau is a 25-man raid that includes all of Azeroth’s heroes taking the fight to Kael’thas as he has revived the leader of the Burning Legion, Kil’jaeden, into the homeworld. You must gather your allies and stop Kael’thas’ mad scheme to restore the Sunwell to its former glory.

The raid has six bosses: The Eredar Twins, Kalecgoc, Brutallus, M’uru, Felmyst, and Kil’jaeden. You must be at least TBC power level 70 to participate in this raid, located in the Isle of Quel’Danas, Eastern Kingdoms. The best part of the Sunwell Plateau is that no attunement is needed to enter its instance, unlike its original release. This means all bosses will be available right from the start.

As with any “new” raid being released for WoW Classic, you can expect Sunwell Plateau to be stacked with incredible gear that’ll sell for many TBC Classic gold, including new slots for Tier 6 in belts, bracers, and boots. It also brings a ton of trinkets and strong weapons that’ll surely be on everyone’s BiS lists.

Are Raids in WoW Classic Difficult?

Contrary to popular belief, World of Warcraft Classic’s raids are far less spectacular than vanilla WoW’s. While the modern version of WoW sets the bar for lengthy raid races (a prime example is last month’s Sepulcher of the First Ones, a raid that lasted for 19 days), WoW Classic’s raids reward players for their lightning-fast swiftness.

Veterans cleared Sunwell Plateau just 51 minutes after its release – this is the most recently released raid for WoW Classic. Courtesy of the Chinese guild Old School, their composition to complete the raid consisted of seven melee DPS, 11 ranged DPS, one tank, and five healers. Most guilds that participated in the raid slew Kil’Jaeden anywhere from seven to 10 minutes after pulling him; it took Old School only six minutes and four seconds to defeat the final bosses.

Old School and the rest of the other guilds were able to complete the Sunwell Plateau so quickly because raid mechanics were far simpler in the early years of World of Warcraft. Additionally, since these players already knew how those mechanics worked during the original release of Sunwell back in 2007, the Classic version of the said raid is like a walk in the park for an experienced player. As a point of reference, the original Sunwell Plateau raid from 2007 remained uncleared for 62 days based on the historical data from Method, a WoW raiding guild.

What’s the Most Challenging Part of Sunwell Plateau?

Players are hyped for WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 because it’s being headlined by one of the most iconic and allegedly complex raids in the game’s history. Sunwell Plateau in WoW Classic may not be all that challenging compared to its original version, but some problematic aspects could pose a roadblock for some players.

The most grueling aspect of Sunwell Plateau (besides its intense boss fights) is its instance-wide buffs for all the mobs. This is called the Sunwell Radiance. The buff increases the enemy mobs’ melee hit by 5%. Furthermore, it reduces a player’s dodge chance by 20%. As a result, this will put extreme pressure on healers and tanks to soak this entirely new level of damage output throughout the whole raid.

Say Goodbye to Burning Crusade Classic, and Hello to WofLK Classic

It almost feels surreal that Burning Crusade Classic is coming to an end. With Phase 5 now out the window, players will have to count their days of farming WoW TBC gold. Phase 5 not only puts an end to The Burning Classic expansion, but it’s also the beginning of the players setting their eyes on the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic – a rehashed version of World of Warcraft’s third expansion. Wrath of the Lich King is set to launch later this year, but there’s no definite date when that will happen.

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