Borderlands 3 Save Editor Guide

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

BL3 or Borderlands 3 Save Editor is one of the best-selling and award-winning video games. Based on action and thrill, it possesses a perfect combination of several straightforward shooting mechanics that are utilized for collecting addiction of better loot. That is why Borderlands 3 Save Editor is also popularly known as a “Loot Shooter Game”. Here is our guide on Borderlands 3 Save Editor.

Best Devices to Play Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Most commonly Borderlands 3 Save Editor is played on popular platforms like

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 
  • Xbox One
  • Stadia
  • Apple macOS and many more. 

How to Play Borderlands 3?

You can play this game either individually or with your squad friends in the form of a team of four players in order to complete challenging missions and find the quests and loots scattered all around at different game locations. This shows that in this game there are 4 main classes to choose the character. 

Besides collecting scattered loot, you can also kill your rival players which are your enemies. And after killing them, you can pick up their weapons and gears to pursue further in the game safely and be the winner at the end. 

In addition to that, you can unlock up-to-date characters’ abilities as you start gaining experience by crossing different game levels. That is because the storyline of this game is entirely centered in as well as around hindering two well-known cult-leading twins named Tyreen Calypso and Troy from controlling and ruling over the power of Alien Vaults that are scattered all over the galaxy. 

What are BL3 Save Editors?

They are the game helpers that rebuild the lost heroes of the players without having to replay the game and prevent the wastage of work hours of the day. In case you are locked in your mission and unable to continue with the game/story, these BL3 save editors will assist you to get through those game-breaking bugs. 

Also, since the release of this remarkable game, several players have been modifying their characters and items with them. So, for this, many private servers allow their players to use save editors. 

Furthermore, with them, the players get enabled to self-modify character concoctions without fear of game aliens hitting them back with a dangerous ban hammer. 

Borderlands 3 Save Editor Guide

How many types of save editors are associated with Borderlands Game? 

There are two basic types of BL3 save editors that are famously known to work in association with Borderland 3 save files. Those two are given below:

a) BL3 editor 

It is an abbreviation of Borderlands 3 Save Editor. This program is extremely simple to use and has the ability to modify an infinite array of all your favorite game items. 

b) Borderlands Save Game Editor 

This is the second editor of the game which has somehow stopped updating nowadays. That is why it is no more in trend and has been left far behind in the race of modern technology. Therefore, the BL3 editor is most commonly preferred over this one. 

c) Borderlands 3 Profile Editor

Besides both of these, there is another distinct program named Borderlands 3 Profile Editor program readily available for all gamers. But unfortunately, it only grants you the permission to edit your own profile’s save file. 

The default location of Borderland Save files on PC 

Borderland 3 has two different kinds of file types. 

  1. Profile Save File 
  2. Character Save File 

The basic difference that occurs between both these kinds of file types is that 

  1. Profile file type contains all your personal information and data that later gets shared among all the different characters of the game 
  2. While on the other hand, the character file holds all the stored data for a single character only. 

However, both of these file types are very beneficial and can be edited whenever required. All you have to look upon is to check the file name attentively before editing anything. 

For the Profile save files, the folder name is usually indicated as “Profile. say”. Whereas the character saves files are indicated by a string of numbers in unique formats like for example {String of numbers}.sav.”

Save Files Names 

  • Amara LVL 57
  • Moze LVL 57 – Bullet Storm 2.0 Build
  • Zane LVL 57 – Flash Breeze Build 
  • FL4K LVL 57

BL3 Save Editor File Walkthrough 

The method for this is given below in detail:

  1. First of all, back up your current save files just to keep them safe and secure 
  2. Then visit a legal website like
  3. After that upload your previously saved file on this website 
  4. Modify the data and information present in it 
  5. Check the up-to-date data sheet in order to check the ways of creating legal items 
  6. Once again save the modified save file into the Save folder of the game on your PC
  7. Play the game and have fun. 
Borderlands 3 Save Editor Tutorial

3 Basic Levels of Borderlands 3 Save Editor

The Borderlands game basically consists of three popular series out of which Borderlands 3 is the greatest part. This series stands apart from the first two series and had successfully made it one of the best-selling games all over the world. Let’s see what things and missions are present in each one of them:

Borderlands 3 Save Editor level 1

How to play?

1st game in the series is Borderland 1 which mainly focuses on another planet. You find all types of people like murderers, criminals, slayers, aliens, and several others in this part from all over the world there.


To search for a vault that is full of alien loot is your main mission.

This edition made this game successful in a very short period selling millions of copies all over the world.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor level 2

How to play?

In the 2nd level of the Borderland game, the player fights with the CEO of a grand corporation who tries to control significant resources of the planet. Unique DLC was particularly created for this series granting numerous different options to players. 


To kill the CEO and loot the funds and assets of aliens. 

Another success milestone was achieved with this series as it got sold more than 8 million times, making it the best game ever. 

Borderlands 3 Save Editor level 3

How to play Borderlands 3 Save Editor Level 3?

At this level, many different vault hunters, as well as corporations, look for some other sort of vaults present on different planets. All those vaults are somehow full of too much worth and are available on different planets that were earlier discovered in level 2.


Roam all around the world on different planets to find vault boxes.

Released in 2019, over 5 million copies of this level got sold in just 5 days making it a huge success. 

Borderlands 3 Save Editor Levels

How to install Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

Its installation process comprises of a number of steps. These are listed below.

  1. Download the exe available at Releases
  2. Give a command to run the exe
  3. Click open and select your profile.sav
  4.  Edit your profile as per your content
  5. After editing, save your profile
  6. Auto backup is generated in case you go back

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How to use Borderland 3 save editor?

It is quite simple. Just a few clicks are required by the user and work is over. To modify character and profile, the method is given below:

  1. Open up BL3 editor
  2. A pop-up box appears in the middle of the page from where you can choose your required file
  3. Then, upload either a character or profile file after getting started
  4. Once you upload your favorite file, just wait a moment for the website to complete its requirements

a) If you upload a character file, 3 tabs will appear

  • General – Which only shows your saved info
  • Character – That enables all weapon slots and modify your appearance
  • Inventor – It displays all the items of equipment in your backpack

(b) On the other hand, if you upload the profile.sav file, 2 tabs appear

  • Profile tab – All guardian stats including the Hunter, survivor, and enforcer are listed in this. Also, with this tab, you can modify your already available tokens and guardian ranks.
  • Bank tab – Here you can selectively add or remove many saved items

Borderlands 3 save editor Benefits 

This extraordinary video game’s save editor helps you in numerous ways like you can do the following things with it:

  1. Unlock Mayhem modes at a very early stage without doing hard efforts 
  2. level up your game characters frequently 
  3. Unlock different pieces of equipment that are required to pursue in the game
  4. Add SDUs easily 
  5. Unlock TVHUM effortlessly and many more 

Besides all these advantages, it also assists you to get through various game-breaking bugs, most of which create hindrance in continuing the game smoothly and become a major cause of locking your missions. 

In addition to that, most of the private servers freely allow you to use this game’s editors to show off and present your self-altered characters without any risks and fears of getting banned. However, those save editors may vary from each other on the basis of game level and character. 

Customizable Activities in Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Another big advantage of Borderlands 3 Save Editor is that it allows you to perform the below-given activities:

a) Make prominent changes in the SDU levels 

b) Increase or decrease the currencies

c) Assists in unlocking the diverse cosmetic items scattered in the game 

d) Modify and customize your Guardian Rank’s date

e) Last but not least, customize your characters’ names, classes, and game levels. 


Apart from allowing the above-mentioned activities, you can edit anything you wish with those editors for example you can:

a) Legit items scattered all over in the game.

b) Customize the different parts of an item.

c) Create new items right from the start

d) Import items from the extraordinary big list of Borderlands 3 item codes. 

BLS3 customization

Are Borderlands 3 Save Editors Compatible on Game Consoles? 

Unfortunately, the answer is a No. All the game console users will definitely be disheartened when they will get to know that there no proper save editors developed for this game’s console version. They are just available for the Personal Computer version only. 

Therefore, if any one of you is playing this action game on your console and by chance gets locked in any mission or during playing hose his character, then he/she will have to start playing all over again from the start. Obviously, they may be frustrating but there is no other option for it. 

Are Borderlands 3 Save Editor Legal? 

Yes, All the Borderlands 3 Save Editors are entirely legitimate to use because they are all community-made. 

However, if any one of your tries to use any editor on the official server of Borderlands, there are many possibilities that your account can get banned permanently. 

So, in order to avoid such problems, you should use the defined programs just on your own private LAN server or on a single-player campaign. 


As already discussed above that there are a few useful editors specially created for this game. All of them have their own features and characteristics. It is not possible for everyone to use them. Rather, their utilization requires some basic knowledge of coding to get the best out of them. 

However, you may see several different video tutorials on the internet that explain the basics of Borderlands 3 save editors and their usage. Videos are always considered the easiest way to learn anything completely especially when the whole procedure is in front of your eyes. You can practice and learn the steps followed in the video. 

A special thanks to all Borderlands game lovers for visiting our website and reading this guide. Keep reaching us again and again as we tend to keep you updated with the recent trends that are ruling over the internet these days. 

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

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