How to activate Discovery Plus App on your TV

How to activate Discovery Plus App on your TV

The Discovery Plus App has just launched and it seems to be getting tons of attention and rightly so, the platform boasts an enormous library of content with over 55,000 shows in 25 different countries. Additionally, Discovery Plus app supports most platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku and lots of more. If you’re a TV user and need to activate Discovery Plus app on your TV, we’ve an excellent guide to guide you through the method. Let’s take a quick look at this.

What TV platforms does the Discovery Plus app support?

Discovery has not discontinued its channels, you’ll still watch them on a daily subscription through your cable TV provider. To separate the 2 worlds, Discovery Plus Streaming Platform may be a fully web-based utility which will be installed on any supported platform. The corporation also has dedicated device apps to make it easier for you to access Discovery Plus app.

Television platforms currently supported by Discovery Plus

1. Android TV

2. Amazon Fire TV

  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire tv
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Fire TV Edition

3. Apple TV (tvOS 12.0 or higher)

4. iPadOS (iOS 12.0 or higher)

5. Year

6. Samsung Smart TVs (2017 or newer)

7. Xbox One X Series and S Series

While a number of these apps support in-app purchase of a premium plan, others don’t. Hence, if you would like to get a premium plan, we recommend that you simply do so on your PC or Mac, then simply log into your account on your TV. this may help prevent redirection to the desktop if the appliance doesn’t support this feature, or prevent failed transactions if a recent release of the appliance isn’t optimized for your platform. Once you’ve signed up for the premium plan, you’ll follow one among the guides below to simply install Discovery Plus app on your TV.

How to activate and watch Discovery Plus App

On Android TV

When it involves Android Smart TVs, most of them come bundled with some version of the Play Store. Signing in to your Google account through the Play Store will allow you to download and stream most of the apps. However, if you’ve got an Android TV that does not have a Play Store, you’ll still use the dedicated .apks to urge Discovery Plus. However, this doesn’t guarantee the functionality of the platform thanks to hardware and software incompatibilities. let’s examine the way to achieve this.

Through the Play Store

Launch the Play Store on your Smart TV and look for Discovery Plus app. Download and install the app from search results. After installing the app, launch it and check in to your Discovery Plus account. If you do not have an account, you’ll check in using your Facebook account, Google account, Apple ID, or maybe your telephone number. Once signed in, select your preferred content genre and you’ll watch Discovery Plus directly. you’ll even purchase the Premium version to urge access to exclusive originals also as enjoy an ad-free viewing.


APK is an Android installable file which will be wont to install signed and unsigned third party applications on your Android devices. this is often an excellent thanks to get modern apps to figure with older hardware, or to urge apps on a platform that’s not currently supported by Google. Let’s quickly check out the procedure.

  • Necessary
  • USB stick (if your TV doesn’t have a browser app)
  • Discovery Plus .apk file


You need to start out by transferring the .apk file to your Android TV. you’ll download the file on to your TV using the link above if you’ve got a browser app. If you do not, you’ll download the file to a USB device then connect it to your TV. Once you’ve got access to your .apk via local storage, attend your Android TV and launch the File Manager app. Now navigate to the .apk file you only downloaded and run it. Android will start the installation process of this app and once completed, Discovery Plus app is going to be installed on your Android TV. Now just launch the app and login / register with the service to access all of your favorite content.

On Amazon Fire TV

All Amazon Fire compatible devices with Discovery Plus are listed above. Please confirm your device is compatible with launching Discovery Plus before continuing with this guide.


Turn on your Fire device and you ought to be taken to the house screen. Now use the search bar or voice search on the remote to look for Discovery Plus. Select an app when it appears within the search results. Now just highlight “Receive” and choose it. Amazon will automatically download and install the app. Once the method is complete, launch the Discovery Plus app on your Amazon Fire device. Now, check in together with your existing Discovery Plus account or use your Google ID, Facebook, Apple ID or telephone number to check in on the platform. Once logged in or registered, you’ll be ready to view all of the content that Discovery Plus has got to offer.

On Apple TV

Installing Apple TV may be a fairly straightforward process with minimal intervention. Let’s quickly check out the procedure.


Turn on your Apple TV and launch the App Store from your home page. Now search for the Discovery Plus App. Select an app when it appears within the search results. you’ll also use voice search to seek out the app. Select to put in from the invention Plus App Store page. The app is going to be installed on your Apple TV. The wait time depends on the generation of your Apple TV and also your network speed. Once installed, simply register or log in to Discovery Plus to access all of its content.

On Roku devices

Like all other apps on Roku devices, Discovery Plus also appears as a channel. you’ll download and install the app using this feature to enjoy all Discovery content on any Roku device.


Turn on your Roku device and you ought to get on your home page. Now scroll down the left sidebar on the left together with your Roku remote and choose Streaming Channels. you’ll now be shown an inventory of all streaming channels available for your Roku device. Scroll down again and choose look for Channels. Now look for “Discovery Plus” together with your Roku remote. The app should appear in search results after you enter the primary few letters. Select an app from the search results. Now select Add Channel to feature the Discovery Plus app to your Roku device. Once added, simply select attend Channel to launch Discovery Plus. Now login or register for Discovery Plus and you’ll be ready to access all the content,

On Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung TV users also can watch Discovery Plus on their TVs using the guide below. However, you would like a Samsung account to finish the installation.

  • Necessary
  • Samsung account included together with your Samsung Smart TV


Turn on your TV and choose the search icon within the upper right corner of the screen. Now just look for the Discovery Plus app and therefore the app should appear within the search results. Select Discovery Plus and you ought to now be within the list of apps. Select Install. If your TV doesn’t have a Samsung account found out, you will be prompted to make one now. Otherwise, if the account is already found out, the app should start downloading. When finished, select increase Home for straightforward access to Discovery Plus. Now just select “Open” to launch the invention Plus app. you’ll now login / register with Discovery Plus to access all their content on your Samsung TV.

On Xbox

Xbox also allows you to install all types of apps from the Microsoft store, albeit it is a gaming platform. This helps to scale back the necessity for a further device connected to the TV counting on your media consumption habits. Let’s take a glance at the way to find out about Discovery Plus app on Xbox.


Turn on your Xbox, attend the shop section on the proper. Now scroll to the proper and choose “Search” under the “Categories” section. Now look for Discovery Plus within the store and therefore the app should appear within the search results. Select an app from the search results and you will be taken to its store page on the Xbox Store. Select “Get it Free” within the far right corner to put in the app on your Xbox. Xbox will now display a disclaimer for in-app purchases available on Discovery Plus app. Select “Confirm” at rock bottom to proceed with the installation. And that’s all!

The app is going to be added to your queue and will start downloading automatically. The wait time depends on the present background downloads on the Xbox and your network bandwidth. Now, just attend your home page, select My Apps & Games, and launch Discovery Plus from the Apps section. Now log into your existing account or register for Discovery Plus app to access all Discovery content.

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