How to Choose the Best Travel Cot?

travel cot

The travel cot is an essential accessory for most parents. This extra bed can accommodate babies during naps, especially when traveling outside the house. With the multitude of travel cots on the market, it’s easy to get dizzy and not know which one to choose. Fortunately, Around Baby helps you see things more clearly. Discover the main criteria to take into account when choosing the best travel cot.

The size of the travel cot: the first criterion to check

The best  travel cot is made to be transported and placed everywhere. It should therefore not be bulky or too heavy for one person to carry, whether unfolded or stored in travel or adventure bags. It is even one of the main criteria for choosing a travel cot .

The weight of a travel cot can range from about 3 kg to over 15 kg. A standard travel cot weighs on average ten kilos. Obviously the heavier it is the more stable it is, but will you be able to carry it?

Also, think about the space it will take up once in the trunk of the car. Does it fit in with the stroller, all baby equipment and your luggage? Ask yourself the right questions before making your choice.

An easy-to-assemble travel cot

Another criterion to take into account in choosing the right model of travel cot: the ease of assembly and disassembly. 

To be truly practical, the travel cot should be easy to unfold, set up and store away when you are not using it. While manufacturers pay attention to this point, some models are still difficult for many parents to use. Most travel cots are self-folding and have a storage bag, convenient for transport.

Good to know

If possible, go to the store to test the placement of a travel cot or ask a salesperson for advice. Another tip to find out if an umbrella bed model is easy to use: read the reviews on the websites. As clients are parents, they offer a generally objective perspective based on their day-to-day experiences.

Comfort: a criterion not to be overlooked

So that baby can enjoy his naps regardless of the location, it will be necessary to choose an umbrella bed with a particularly comfortable mattress. As with conventional beds, the thickness of the mattress is essential. So choose an umbrella bed equipped with a sufficiently padded mattress. You can also opt to purchase an additional mattress, but be aware that this will take up space during transport.

Beyond the thickness of the mattress, the softness of its coating is also to be taken into account. Turn to soft materials, such as cotton or natural fibers. More comfortable, they are also more resistant over time. Finally, think about mattress covers to protect it from possible dirt.

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Safety for baby, but also for you

Essentially when buying a travel cot, there should be no doubts about safety, for the baby as well as for you, the parents. Safety must be guaranteed at the time of installation. The bed should therefore not be able to fold up too easily to avoid accidents when the baby is in it. Also pay attention to the corners of the bed. Prefer a model with rounded corners to avoid shocks.

In terms of stability, the travel cot must not tip over when the baby is leaning on it. It must also have either non-slip feet or casters with a locking system. In addition, the mattress must be able to be fixed so that the baby is not tempted to lift it and roll under it.

Travel cot price

Obviously, the price plays a role when choosing a travel cot. It varies depending on the weight, the quality of the mattress and any additional functions, such as a changing table.

An entry-level travel cot costs around € 50. At this price, you will benefit from a basic travel cot, without accessories but quite suitable and secure. For a more comfortable travel cot with additional options, it will take around a hundred euros.

Where to Buy the Best Travel Cot?

You can buy the best travel cot from amazon and other online stores like eBay, Walmart, skwalmart, etc with ease and at a very discounted price. You can also visit any nearby shopping mall for kids to buy it. 

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