How To Tell If AC Compressor Is Running

AC Compressor Is Running

A compressor is one of the significant parts of an air conditioner, and it is the heart of the cooling function in an AC system. A non-working or malfunctioned compressor can leave you sweating heavily in summer inside your rooms. If it is not working correctly, your air conditioning system won’t cool your home effectively. When a compressor has malfunctioned, the air vents release less air out of it. Not only this, but this air could also be not cool enough. As soon as you find out your compressor is showing signs of failing, contact an outstanding and licensed cooling and heating repair in Sacramento to assess it and resolve the issue. But, first, you need to identify the problematic signs your compressor is showing so that you know when to contact an air conditioner professional.

Here are the signs you need to keep an eye on that may indicate your AC compressor is not running as it should:

High Power Bills

When the compressor fails, its ability to move the refrigerant system fails. The malfunctioned ac compressor will work harder to cool your home, which will result in higher power consumption.


Compressors circulate the refrigerant to remove heat from the air and turn it into cold air. A faulty compressor will lead to the refrigerant leaking.

Your AC System Keeps on Tripping the Circuit Breaker Frequently

Constant tripping of the circuit breaker by your system is another important indication that you have a failed compressor. This scenario happens when the compressor overheats and consumes a lot of power. As a result, it trips the circuit breaker repeatedly.

If you find this happening with your system, call an expert service offering cooling repair and air conditioning installation in Sacramento as soon as possible. Don’t delay getting this issue inspected because delay can also result in a fire hazard due to power tripping.

The Compressor Unit Vibrates Outside.

Is your AC making noise while it is running? If yes, this is a sign of a faulty AC compressor. A compressor often creates ticking noises before it fails.

If you’re hearing noises coming from the outside unit, it can indicate your compressor cannot start itself. This issue needs to be assessed by professional AC experts before it affects other components in the AC unit. In this case, you may need AC compressor replacement.

Warm Air is Blowing Out of Your AC

Another sign your compressor is about to fail is warm air coming out of your air conditioner system.

Your compressor could also be faulty if you find out your condenser seems to be operating well, but the air coming out is warm. Low refrigerant can also cause warm air to come out of the vents.

So, make sure you schedule a visit from an experienced company offering air conditioning and water heater repair in Sacramento to determine whether you have a leaky refrigerant or other issues.

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