What is a Split System HVAC

Split System HVAC

HVAC is a term that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning. Most Americans use HVAC systems to beat summer and warm during cold months. A split HVAC system is a heating and cooling system mainly preferred by homeowners with areas for large indoor cabinets. The unit is also known as split ducted air conditioning and heating system; the unit is designed for central cooling and heating in a home. 

If you choose to install a split HVAC system over a split AC system, the latter one will cost less to repair by a plumber in Sacramento . Regardless of this, the type of system you will need in your home will depend on your unique needs. So, it’s essential to know about a split system HVAC if you’re planning to install it in your home.

In this blog, we’ll understand what a split system HVAC is and what are advantages it offers to its users:

Split HVAC systems are divided into two parts- indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit can be located in the basement or indoor cabinet, including an evaporator coil and an air handler connected to the ducts. The outdoor team consists of a condenser and compressor placed outside or in an outdoor cabinet.

The cool air will come out of the air handler connected to a duct network in a house. Each room receives cool air, and you have the control to change the temperature of each room through thermostats.

HVAC involves a ductwork system. If your home has no ductwork before, you will need to have it installed before the split HVAC installation process can begin. appliance repair Sacramento

Here are the perks of installing a split HVAC system for your home:

High energy efficiency:

Compared to packaged HVAC systems, split HVACs have much higher SEER ratings. A higher SEER rating means you will save more on energy bills with split HVAC over packaged one.


Split HVAC system has two central units. Installing these units offers more flexibility than a packaged HVAC unit.

Great for larger homes

A split HVAC unit provides comprehensive and powerful cooling for larger spaces.

Contact a licensed professional from HVAC and appliance repair in Sacramento with a proven record of proper and quality installations when installing a split HVAC system. 

Essential considerations when installing HVAC Split System.

  • Poor installation of HVAC split units can affect the performance and reduce the system’s efficiency.
  • Ignoring maintenance and care of split HVAC can lead to expensive air conditioning repair in Sacramento Since the unit has more moving parts in an HVAC split system over a packaged HVAC system, the chances of needing repairs may increase. The ductwork is prone to cracks and leaks with time. It will require an expensive repair if the ductwork is inefficient and has faults.
  • This unit may involve higher installation costs depending on its labor to install the unit.

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