How to tell someone why you love them

How to tell someone why you love them

A feeling of love will always be one, unless you decide to confess it to the person you love. If you’re too shy to tell your lover in person that you love them, then you might want to drop them a note. Make sure you keep it simple, concise, and to the point. Explain how you feel, but avoid including too much detail. Consider taking an ecard to express your feelings using emojis and gifs. If you want to tell a story, picking an ecard that can contain many messages is the best option.

Prepare for his / her reaction and keep in mind that even if he (she) doesn’t have any feelings for you in return, you will have shown enough courage to express your feelings and this is one thing you will do. must be proud. Here you may be confident in how to tell someone why you love them.

Part 1. Write your message to tell someone why you love them

1. Keep it short and simple. 

Tell the person you are in love with that you love them and that you would like to spend time with them. Avoid talking silently, repeating yourself or exclaiming how great the person is or how constantly you think about him (her). Being too direct can make him uncomfortable

2. Tell your lover that you love him. 

While it might sound scary, it’s best if you are blunt about it. Be honest and just tell him you love him. Avoid expressing your unconditional love or telling him/her that you are thinking of him / her at all times. After all, you won’t want to scare him.

For example, write this: “I love you, do you want us to spend time together someday?”

Avoid writing, “I can’t help but think of you and I dream of you every night.” I love you so much.”

3. List a few reasons why you like it. 

Think about why you have romantic feelings for him and what attracts you to him. Is he nice or funny? Is he an excellent guitarist or a great dancer? Mention a specific reason or two for how it caught your eye.

  • For example, write this: “I admire the way you defend other children” or “I like that you work really hard in chemistry.”
  • Avoid writing: “you are really attractive” or “you are so popular”. These are not good reasons to love someone, and they don’t express your lover’s personality.

4. Have confidence in yourself. 

It can be scary for you to express your feelings towards someone else. However, you shouldn’t devalue yourself in your note to your sweetheart or assume that the feelings are not mutual. Avoid letting him know that you are afraid that he will reject you, but rather show that you have confidence in yourself.

  • Avoid writing this: “I know you’ll never love me back, but I just had to tell you that I think about you all the time. “
  • Instead, write: “I’d like to know you better.” Do you want to see each other next weekend?”

5. Avoid sharing details that others shouldn’t know. 

You should avoid sharing details that you don’t want others to know. Your sweetheart is likely to show the letter to their friends, which is another reason you need to keep it simple and be straightforward. There is no reason to be embarrassed to tell someone why you love them. However, if you include too many personal details, you might feel uncomfortable if other people are reading your letter.

  • Avoid expressing yourself in the following way: “You are my first love and I think about you all the time. I’ve never been kissed before and wish you were the first. “

Part 2. Go to the next steps

1. Clean up the note. 

While you don’t need to take calligraphy classes or purchase quality papers, be aware that you will need to do everything possible to neat your handwriting so that the person you have feelings for can read your message easily. . If you find that you’ve crossed out multiple lines in the note, just rewrite them. In fact, the person may be able to read what you crossed out, something you certainly don’t want.

  • Avoid adding a lot of kisses or hearts in the note. Save this for any notes you are going to write when you are already in a romantic relationship with someone.

2. Sign the note. 

It is very important that you can sign the note you wrote with your name on it. After all, you’ll want your lover to know that YOU love them, not that they have a secret admirer. If there are a few people in your class who have the same name, be sure to add your last name or at least the initial of it to avoid confusion.

  • For example, you could write: “Hope to hear from you soon. From Luc S.”
  • You can also write: “See you in math class. Sarah R.”

3. Address the letter. 

You can fold your letter into a whimsical configuration or put it in a sealed envelope. Make sure to put your sweetheart’s name on the outside of the letter so that there is no misunderstanding as to who it is for. Also, add their last name or the initial of that name in case there is more than one person in your school with the same name.

  • You can write for example: “A Marissa E.”

4. Give him the note. 

You can hand deliver the note to the person you have feelings for or leave it in their locker. You can also send it to them through a friend, but make sure the friend tells them the note is from you to avoid confusion. It is best to wait until the end of class or at lunch time to hand over the grade, so that neither your sweetheart nor you get in trouble in class.

  • You may have to wait until the person is alone to give the letter to him / her so that he / she can read it in private.
  • On the other hand, you can send the letter by email, but the catch here is that you don’t know if or when the person is going to read it. In addition, he may not take an email message as seriously as a handwritten note.

5. Ask your lover to respond. 

In the note, you can add a sentence in which you ask them to respond to you or tell them to share their response with you when you personally deliver the letter to them. For example, you can express yourself like this: “I’ll be outside if you want to chat after reading this.” “

  • If you do not receive a response from him within a few days of giving him the letter, you can seek advice from him. When you see him, just ask him the following question: “Hi, did you read my note?” “

6. Prepare for his reaction. 

Hopefully, your sweetheart might also have feelings for you, and your letter will mark the start of a wonderful relationship. However, this may not always be the case, which is why you should be prepared for rejection. Understand that the person has made their decision and do not try to dissuade them. You have every right to feel disappointed or to be sad. Give yourself time to accept the situation, then drop the idea of going out with him and move on 

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