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Know everything about Imginn for downloading Instagram stories, photos, highlights and much more!!!

Nowadays, many social media applications like Instagram are the best way to boost public links, marketing plans, and business ideas in no time. These applications are helpful to create a strong business bond with people globally.

Instagram is one of the most active social networks in 2022 as it is well known for trending posts, sharing posts, and messaging each other for free. Using imginn Instagram search, people become influencers and link their social life circle to

  1. Brands
  2. Leaders
  3. Friends 
  4. Celebrities etc.

Using this anonymous and free application, Instagram users can create a profile to access videos and photos of people they love to follow. Fortunately, Imginn app has solved the query of non-downloadable photos and posts with its amazing features.

What is imginn?

Imginn Instagram

It is a website which allows people to download and view someone’s videos and photos on Instagram without leaving a footprint by giving their real names. By imginn website, users can access all of its features like

  • Viewing someone’s photos
  • Downloading videos
  • Liking and commenting on random posts (without disclosing name)

Imginn Instagram search has only one restriction to its use that is a person using the application cannot like and share photos of other people from a real Instagram application. 

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Online tool

Imginn is an online server-based tool which allows users to download and view images and short reel videos from IG. The most amazing feature is that no one can know who saved their photos and videos.

This online website lets users do a lot of different things ranging from changing the username of their IG profile to downloading posts and videos from any 3rd party account. Android and iOS users can download it free from the play store or Apple store respectively.

Existence of

In the past few years, there has been a lot of demand for this online web as a lot of people love to play with someone’s privacy without being getting disclosed. Imginn is till date one of the best webs to be known regarding the anonymous post and video watching.

All sites like imginn are serving the same purpose but imginn is all above them due to unique and user-friendly features. It allows you to save all events and information in a separate calendar so it does not get mixed up with others.

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Features of Imginn:

Features of Imginn, an Instagram Story Viewer

Due to unique features and superior characteristics over other applications, it is more useable and popular than others in online media. Here is a brief detail of the features offered by the website.

  1. User-friendly interface

It is a very simple interface which makes it easy to use. It helps to choose any option on the main front page of the application. 

  1. All features on one interface

The user does not need to switch between several interfaces to access different features. It is designed in such a way that all feature options are available on the main page of the website.

  1. Search bar option

There is a Imginn Instagram search button which facilitates all IG users who are new to the application. The search option will show all related Instagram accounts when you search for a single account with a username or email address. 

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  1. Downloading Instagram images

The mentioned website provides the user with downloading facility from any profile anonymously and for free. The user has to just enter a username, choose an image to be saved and press on downloading button.

  1. Downloading Instagram stories

It is also an amazing feature which makes it popular and superior to others on the social media platform. People can view someone’s stories without leaving a footprint on his story.

  1. Downloading Instagram videos can download videos while ensuring that video quality does not let down and valid Instagram video link does not create an error. 

  1. Saving Avatar from IG

Imginn Instagram is considered the best tool to provide the facility to save stickers and avatars from IG profiles. The user will just enter the profile username and access the download option to save the avatar.

Changing the Username or Password on Imginn 

Imginn: View Instagram Stories, Anonymous Viewer and Downloader

Imginn also allows many other tasks to be performed from their website. Using this application, users can change the username and password of their IG account with just 3 easy steps. These include

Step1: Tap on the profile option in the upper right corner 

Step2: Change the username by logging out and start or stop following friends through it

Step3: Once a username is changed, restart the application and post directly or indirectly on your main account or test captions before uploading 

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How Does Imginn Work?

Imginn: How Does It Works

Almost all social media applications are linked to IG which include stories from Facebook, photos from Snapchat, and reels and videos from Tiktok. Through the website, you can download any video or picture that attracts your heart and eyes.

The first question that arises in my mind after kneeing about this website is how it works. So, the answer is simple. Its simple interface allows you to view all features in a place. Using this application, we can have

  • High-quality photos
  • Short video clips
  • Full-screen shots 

You don’t have to wait around for someone else to finish watching a video even if they are. Video will already be saved on Imginn and you can view videos at your ease. Everything will be online so you don’t have to download anything here.

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How to Create a User Account on Imginn?

See someone Instagram without an account

Creating an account on is an easy task. Here is a five-step model that should be followed to create a user sign-up account.

  1. Creating a demo account

To avail of the service of the IG anonymous application, users have to sign up for an imginn account. By creating an account, you will be able to download IG stories without getting notified. 

No special skills are required to create an account on the website. Users should set at least one number as their password. Account will be verified by entering your name and phone number.

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  1. Sign in to the account

Once a user has set the username and password credentials of the Imginn account on the website, he can have access to all videos and photos of someone’s accounts. In case of login issues, delete the cookies from the browser and try again later.

  1. Choosing the right videos and reels

After logging in safely into the Imginn Instagram account, a user has to select favorite videos to be downloaded. The application needs to store videos on the phone’s storage or SD Card where desired. 

  1. Watching video clip and saving it

There is no need to worry if someone made a grammar mistake while typing for the video title. A user just has to click on settings and preview posts on the dashboard. When a video is stopped while being viewed, it will automatically resume from that moment.

  1. Email the video

Users can watch the complete video with just a single tap. He will tap on the camera icon of the phone and can choose how long he wants the clip to be. Once the video is selected, a notification will be sent to your email address. 

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How to Use the Imginn Website?

Imginn: Download Instagram Stories, Photos & Videos | TechShady

Many of us think that it is a tricky application but in reality, there is no rocket science involved in its use. Using this app, you can show off the downloaded stories to your friends because, in actual, Imginn is an anonymously working service.

Very few people are familiar with this website and its application. Here is a 10-step guide to follow for its proper functionality.

  1. Visit the official website of by clicking on the link
  2. On Imginn Instagram search result, the user will be redirected to websites popping up on the search result page
  3. Left click or a single tap on the link to visit the webpage
  4. After a few random advertisements, a page will directly open to the search bar
  5. Creation of an account on imginn is not necessary to access its amazing features
  6. Type the IG profile username in the search bar to view videos and photos
  7. Find the desired one from numerous searches
  8. Users can view different posts, tagged photos, videos, and reels of the chosen account
  9. Download the attractive stories, pictures, posts, reels etc. from the “download” option below every post.
  10. Users can also just view Instagram stories without leaving a bookmark or footprint visible to the account owner.

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How to Use Imginn Accurately?

Imginn application is the best option for people who want to view the public Instagram profiles of friends, models, or celebrities. With a single click, the desired Instagram account will be on screen and users can view their stories and posts anonymously.

It can be used correctly and easily because it makes no difference whether you are seeing a photo or a video of a famous person you follow or a group of individuals who are sharing their daily activities. High-resolution photos and good-quality videos are presented that fit the screen.

Limitations by Imginn

Viewing someone’s profile is not legally prohibited but probably it is unethical to some extent. Despite having many benefits to its valuable users, it cannot justify its limitations. The following are a few limitations of the Imginn website.

  1. Private account restrictions

This application only allows us to find data and show pictures and posts of public accounts. Only public account videos and posts can be viewed anonymously.

  1. Downloading content

The downloading option of the imginn website can have a bad influence on social media as it is ethically against the terms and policies of IG.

  1. Privacy issues

These kinds of platforms are becoming disturbing for people especially women whose accounts are not safe for posting. Anyone can view your account without telling or informing you.

  1. Unethical

It is against the code of ethics and professional behavior to see someone’s account, posts, or stories without informing others.

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Saving article using Imginn

Why People Use Imginn For Watch Instagram Stories

It is considered a hard task to save stories and posts of their favorite content creators completely as IG only allows them to save a small part of each story. There are no direct URLs to save all stories. Imginn Instagram keeps track of stories of all accounts.

This application helps you to save updated stories and posts of followed ones instantly when posted by them on IG. In case you lost the photos and posts of saved profiles, there is no need to worry as there is a complete backup stored on the server. 

Saving a profile photo using Imginn

How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo

The profile picture is really important to build a loyal fan following on social media. It is recommended to make it safe before posting it on social media for the general public. Here are some tips on how to save a profile photo using the Imginn website.

  1. Make sure to save both original and high-quality versions of the profile 
  2. Upload the saved profile picture to the cloud or save them on a PC to avoid the risk of losing
  3. Save the jpeg file format with a proper name
  4. In case of a cyber-attack, the saved profile photo will still be available to you as a backup file
  5. Link all profile photos in an album of an Instagram folder
  6. Lock the profile once saved and uploaded on Instagram using

Saving stories using Imginn

imginn instagram search

It is a frequently asked question that how to save someone’s story using this application. There appears a download option pop up when you click on an image in an Insta story. It can be saved as an image file to your mobile or computer.

Once downloaded, people can upload the same story without any hashtag and watermark using popular applications like email, WhatsApp, or Facebook. These saved stories can also be shared with family and friends.

  1. Downloaded stories are not deleted automatically from the device
  2. The story does not contain any watermark or hashtag of the original account
  3. Image or downloaded video remains in original form and can be accessed without the Internet once saved
  4. Saved stories can be viewed without having to download each next photo
  5. All saved stories are captured by Imginn alternative application in a high-quality format
  6. User does not have to log in every time to download or view someone’s story anonymously

Using on Android

It is an online downloading application which is hosted by a cloud saver. It can be used by Android device users without any errors or problems. It allows Android users to directly view photos and stories from the Instagram server.

A user just has to log in to the website by connecting his account using Google or Facebook ID. Android allows searching the names of people whose pictures they want to download into the search bar at bottom of the screen.

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Using on iOS iPhone

It can easily be accessed on iOS phones without the need for any license or payment terms. iOS user will log in to his account and look at any picture by just clicking the highlighted button on that profile picture.

iPhone users can download any story or photo in an album directly from Instagram to the computer. Here users will not have to wait for any drop-down box for anything like that. All stories and photos, videos and reels etc. can be saved as a zip file directly to the device.

Imginn : The Platform For Downloading Instagram Stories, Photos and videos

Advantages of using Imginn

Every online story and image viewing tool and website has its own advantages and benefits depending upon the unique features presented by it. Here are some of the key benefits offered by the imginn website

  1. It is a simple and useable interface 
  2. It offers downloading facility whether it is Instagram stories, videos, or images
  3. This application allows saving stickers and avatars from the IG application
  4. Users can download videos, photos, and stories anonymously without intimating others of the act
  5. All features of imginn are free of cost for all users
  6. An Imginn Instagram search option bar is provided where you can search for random profile names.
  7. All the features optioned by the app are provided on the homepage of the website

Disadvantages of using Imginn

Here are a few disadvantages of using this anonymous application.

  1. It is mostly sponsored by third-party ads
  2. Viewing someone’s photos and stories without letting him know seems unprofessional and unethical
  3. Users cannot view someone’s profile whose account is set as private
  4. Downloading option of imginn website can have a bad influence on social media

Top 10 Best Imginn alternatives

Imginn alternatives

Are there any sites like imginn in case imginn is not available or not facilitating you up to the best? The answer is Yes. There are a few situations where the web may get banned for disturbing the privacy and confidentiality of others.

It is a so-called illegal website for its piracy content. Users may feel uncomfortable posting their profile photos and stories due to its anonymous feature. There are many sites like imginn if imginn get reported or banned in some jurisdiction.

Here are some best imginn alternatives applications and sites.

  1. Saveinsta

Save-Insta is the best alternative of imginn. It allows you to download stories and photos from Instagram without the need for any paid software or applications. Just paste the Instagram post’s URL and download it from the browser.

It also allows you to save video into mp4 format and change the JPG format of pictures to PDF applications. This application can also save stories, reels, and photos on any device like a tablet, PC, or smartphone.

  1. Storiesig

It is one of sites like imginn. It can be used as an Imginn alternative to many sites due to its eye-capturing features that are to view people’s online active status, posting stories timing etc. 

Its application size is very limited compared to others. It allows access to log in on any device and watch someone’s Instagram stories and photos without letting the other party know. It also helps to protect the user’s privacy.

  1. SnapInsta

This application is specifically used to download reels and short video clips from Instagram on other devices. Its features are more likely similar to Imginn except it is a powerful video downloader that gives you high-quality stuff.

On this application, all kinds of Instagram accounts are linked. The user won’t even have to even link his login to Insta to access videos and reels of someone’s account.

  1. Smihub

It is a well-known website which offers many more features than Imginn. Here you can look for someone’s posts and stories without leaving a notification and footprint on story view like it can be sometimes on imginn.

It can save photos and videos which are free to use. The user can use Smihub as the best replacement to get more people to follow their Insta accounts. 

  1. Insta Story downloader

Using this Imginn alternative, you can quickly download, store, save, and watch Instagram stories and highlights of accounts anonymously. The user will just enter the username credentials and enjoy his stories and posts online.

Moreover, this website is far more flexible, easy, and safe to use compared to other similar sites like imginn. It is 100% legal and safe to use as it keeps user ID private so no one will know that the user has looked into their profile.

  1. Biblogram

This website collects information from people’s online public profiles and converts it to a PDF-like page which is far easier to use compared to other applications. Here user will get rid of 

  • Silly ads
  • Downloaded content 
  • Reel cache memory storage 

It is also convenient to use because it does not require any sign-up requirements. Here the only restriction faced by a user from this website is that the user will not be able to post, comment, follow, or view from a private profile without being known.

  1. Instagram scraper

It is an online imginn alternative tool. It scrapes and downloads photos and videos from Instagram in the right way in its original form. This platform makes it users feel easy to download the history of their posts without being connected to social networks.

It allows saving stories and photos from both public and private accounts on Instagram which is a useful feature. All the user has to do is follow an Instagram account or type the username of the account.


It is also a fabulous Instagram story downloader and is one of the best feature-offering applications in the social media market. Users can download Insta photos, stories, and highlights with just one click here.

It allows you to save video into many formats like 3GP, M4A, and MP4. This site is very helpful for stalking purposes. 

  1. Instalkr

It offers everything necessary for a user from a website like imginn. It is free to use as login users don’t have to pay or add subscription offers to access or use any of its features.

  1. Picuki

It is used to download photos and stories from Instagram. On this site, users can change their usernames and view Insta posts without logging in with a username and password. It works on all devices simultaneously without errors.

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Trustworthy application

Imginn Review - Pros and Cons of Imginn and Its Alternatives | Business  Tech Info

Ethically and professionally, imginn and sites like imginn are discouraged as they are not legal and safe to use due to their feature of viewing random profile photos and stories. People should trust on imginn app because

  1. Users can connect with more and more people here
  2. People can find old friends via username search
  3. There is no traffic and errors while using this app
  4. It promotes the business and branded products
  5. Through the trust developed by it in its users, social media marketing has become easy for it
  6. Here the profile of users is protected by an email address, username, and password

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Imginn: How Magically This Website Works and How You Make Use of It?

Here are some of the FAQs related to imginn application

Q: What is imginn?

It is an online website that allows people to view and download stories, photos, and videos from an Instagram application without leaving a footprint on someone’s profile. 

Q: Can Imginn be used on smartphone mobiles?

This website is accessible on every platform i.e., on your laptop, PC, or mobile without any subscription charges and payment fees. It allows you to download and view stories on Insta anonymously.

Q: Is this website for both Android and iOS users?

Yes, the server-based network of imginn applications is available for both operating systems (iOS, and Android). It allows you to download all types of photos and posts directly to your phone gallery.

Q: Is any notification sent to the profile holder of Instagram?

It is the key benefit offered by imginn that users can view someone’s posts and even download them without leaving a notification on their profile. 

Q: Can we visit a private account using imginn?

No, it is the only restriction that has to be faced by this online website that you cannot visit private accounts. It only provides you access to view Insta stories and posts of accounts which are public.

Q: Can we download posts from IG accounts?

Yes, imginn allows you to download and save photos and posts into a smartphone gallery. You can create a backup of all saved items and videos to save yourself from a cyber-attack. 

Q: Do this application promotes business accounts?

Yes, it is a trustworthy application that downloads content and posts from public and business accounts and allows you to post on the content creator’s profile for free.

Q: How to know if a profile is of a public or private nature account?

Imginn presents a lock symbol next to the profile images which means these posts pertain to an IG account which is private. There are so many restrictions mentioned in its guide to download it.

Q: Can a story be downloaded on it?

The only Insta stories that are within a 24-hour time frame can be downloaded through the imginn application. Stories which past due 24 hours can’t be downloaded. 

Q: What if the imginn website is down?

Through imginn, users can download and view posts, reels, and videos from profiles. If its server is down due to traffic, a user may use sites like imginn and other alternatives like

  • Biblogram
  • Instalkr
  • Picuki etc. 

Q: Are all services free of cost on the imginn website?

Yes, Imginn offers free access to all posts and content present on Instagram. It is one of the best Instagram story downloaders which is offering services without any login and subscription charges.

Q: Do imginn record all queries of user’s accounts?

Once you search for a profile of an Instagram user, the search option will save the query. It is always helpful to remember the account. Next time, the user has to just enter the first word of the username and there will be saved suggestions appearing as a pop-up.

Q: Is imginn safe to use?

Actually, imginn is a third-party application so there are no clear comments on it. The only factor which makes doubt on its reliability is the anonymous profile viewing feature.

Q: Is it possible to hack data from imginn?

Imginn is a legitimate business promoting application which is running at full capacity. There are many risks which arose in its reliability and hacking. However, no such event has occurred till date and no case is reported yet.

Q: How to stay safe while using

It is always recommended to use VPN when you visit sites like imginn for your online cyber safety and security. VPN should be strong enough to protect from any roaming virus and to secure data against any cyber-attack.

Q: How to download photos using imginn?

A user just has to right-click on a post or photo that they wish to download. There appears a pop-up option which gives an option to download it. Always try to download the highest quality posts.

Q: Can history be removed using Imginn?

Yes, if you don’t need any further suggestions while entering the username or profile URL, just clear the web browser history which will clear all your record from the search bar. 


Imginn Archives - Posting Pall is a platform which offers its services to download posts and photos from Instagram accounts anonymously without notifying others Despite a few limitations of viewing posts from a private account, it is a perfect application to enjoy.

The best imginn alternative can be Picuki. It is a quite similar application to imginn in all manners. It is also a social networking app which allows you to use stories, posts, and other content with friends.

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