Reasons You Must Enjoy Hatta Tour at Least Once


Dubai is one of the most visited cities in this world. The capital of the United Arab Emirates can never be excluded from any list of touring places. A long tour to Dubai will be a dream of almost every couple. It is a dream destination to spend your long holidays and the best place to have some fun with your family or friends. However, despite the presence of many visiting places in Dubai, you can get tired of the hustle and bustle of this capital city. You want to spend some time away from this busy city. For that purpose, considering a desert safari could be an ideal choice for most of you but it is one of the most common and among the first visiting spots upon every tour to Dubai. The best option in this regard could be Hatta tour Dubai.

Situated at relatively high altitudes and among the mighty mountains, Hatta is one of the beautiful visiting spots at some distance from Dubai. The calm and natural environment of this place could be something that you never want to miss. Whenever you get tired of the hot Dubai city and its busyness, you can drive there to enjoy at least.

Following are some reasons that will make you feel that you must enjoy the Hatta tour at least once in your life.

Exciting Journey Towards Hatta

The best thing about touring the hatta is that you will start enjoying it even when you have not yet reached there. Hatta is only about 130 meters away from the Capital and it will take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach there. The journey towards Hatta from Dubai is full of enjoyment and beautiful scenery. Driving a car on the mountainous paths could be real fun and capturing natural beauty during this journey can also be a thing to enjoy.

Changed Climate

There is a possibility that you might not like the hot climate of Dubai for a longer duration. Visiting Hatta can be a good thing in such situations as the weather is pretty good here as compared to Dubai. The temperature is lower by a few degrees and makes the climate perfect for various fun activities. Only the change of temperature, which is due to high altitude and a lot of trees present there, will double the fun of all the activities.

Hatta Heritage Village

Exploring the old civilizations and knowing more about human history will be something you can do at the museum. However, the Hatta heritage village is a great place to do so and is even better than many museums. This village has a very old history and is assumed to be present sometimes in the 3rd century BC. Most of this village has been almost forgotten but it has been reconstructed by some top architectures and experience. It will be worth spending money to visit this historical village and its civilization.

Hatta Dam

Hatta dam in Dubai is one of the main reasons to visit this place. This vast dam is about 20 meters deep and for the security of your life, it is not allowed to swim in this dam. However, you can still explore every inch of these dams by using a boat. Kayak is the most common watercraft used for that purpose. 50 minutes of kayaking in this dam will be a greater experience.

Some Other Activities

There are many other things that you can do whenever you visit Hatta. Wandering through Hatta Date farms and figuring out the ancient one is an extremely delightful experience. It’s well worth experiencing the different beehives, honey-producing trees, and participating in candle-making workshops by visiting the Hatta Honeybee Discovery Center. Mountain biking, mount dora premier boat tours, and downhill carting are the most adventurous and amusing activities to enjoy at Wadi Hub. At Hatta, you can also enjoy zip lines to explore the incredible scenery of Hatta in a very short time and to boost your adrenaline. 


With historical and cultural imprints, the Mountain town of Dubai comprises a lot of reasons to attract a wide range of visitors. On a Dubai trip, it’s highly recommended to visit Hatta to take a glimpse of the United Arab Emirates legacy. Living at beachfront house Las Conchas will give your sole a relief. It will take you away from the chaos of the city and provide you with an opportunity to explore the other side of Dubai.

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