Why You Need an Air Conditioner Cover for winter

As we know Air conditioners are used to provide cool air in summers. In winters we do not want to cool our rooms but instead, we want to keep our room warm and cozy.

Some air conditioners work as investors that work as conditioners to provide cool air in summers and as heaters in winters to warm our rooms and offices.

However, if you have an air conditioner that can only be used in the summer for cooling purposes, you don’t need it in winter. Though if you’re unsure how your unit works, it’s best to consult experts in the field of AC units like the ones found at Magnolia Heating and Cooling.

But it is very essential to maintain the Air conditioners in winters so that it provides the best performance in summers.

If you live in an area where snow falls then you should cover the air conditioner in winters to keep it safe from elements that can harm your air conditioner.

Covering the air conditioner will not allow any dust balls or other elements to enter the air conditioner so that it can run more efficiently in the summers.

There are many different reasons why you need an air conditioner to cover winters and some of the reasons are mentioned below.

Reasons for covering Air conditioner:

The main for covering the air conditioner is that in winter’s dry leaves and dust can get stuck in fins and filters which will not allow the air conditioner to work more efficiently in summers and then you have to clean it.

If you live in an area where snow falls then you need to cover your air conditioner to protect it from snow. It can damage fan blades and the coil fins.

And most importantly if the snow fits forcefully on the unit, it can also damage the unit. Water dripping from trees can settle in the air conditioner and when the temperature drops it can turn into snow and can damage the system.

How to cover wall air conditioners in winters:

It is very easy to cover a wall air conditioner you can simply remove the unit and close the window. But this will not help because if the unit is covering the whole window when you will remove it from the window some spaces will be left on the sides of the window from where the hot air will fade out and cold air will come in.

So, this solution is not so efficient. To cover your window completely first measure the dimensions of your air conditioner and then purchase the cover that matches those dimensions.

After covering the air conditioner, you should fill the gaps around the conditioner to block the air from the window using solid foam insulation.

After that, you have to carefully remove the outside cover of the air conditioner to expose the components of the air conditioner.

Then use a garbage bag to cover the exterior of the air conditioner you can use duct tape to hold the bag and keep the bag to remain in one place.

If you are not confident enough to do it by yourself you can ask the professional to do it or read the manual.

Best Air conditioner cover:

We all know that it is important to cover air conditioners in winters but we are not aware which air conditioner cover is suitable and best fit.

Don’t rush and pick the first cover you find to take a moment and find the best one that works for your unit. When you are shopping for the air conditioner then first consider the quality and thickness of the cover as well as the factors like insulation, installation, and water resistance.

Most people cover their conditioner with a plastic bag which is not a good option. Cheap plastic can protect your air conditioner from dust but it can trap insects which later on result in mold and rust.

The best cover that is more suitable for your air conditioners is the breathable cover. You can also build a shed upper the air conditioner to protect it from snow and heavy rainfall.

Covering your air conditioner will not only keep your home warm but will also protect the air conditioner and it will provide more efficient work in the future.

You can also view the tutorials and many videos on the internet and can also take help from the manual to cover your air conditioner in winter.

  • Plywood: Another method to keep your air conditioner covered in winters is placing plywood on the top of your unit slightly larger than your unit. You have to place large blocks on the top to keep them in place.
  • Plants: You can also grow plants and shrubs around your Air conditioner but make sure that the plants are not seeding.

Benefits of covering air conditioners:

In summers the air conditioner will be exposed to many different temperatures and it will work accordingly.

But in winter you won’t be using an air conditioner so you should cover it. There are many benefits of covering air conditioners few of them are mentioned below.

  • Covers protect your AC from snow and heavy rainfall.
  • It protects the unit from dry leaves and debris entering the unit.
  • Covering the unit will help keep your room warm preventing the cold air from entering your room.
  • The cover will prevent the dust ball from entering the unit and covering coils and filters. So they will work efficiently in the summers.

Conclusions: Before purchasing an air conditioner cover make sure that the cover is not made up of plastic it should be breathable. And remember not to cover your unit completely.

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