Six Fantastic Themes for Home Gardens in Sacramento

Any theme can be used to create a productive Garden dining sets as most plants and ornaments are attractive. But creating a landscape that doesn’t suit the local environment can unnecessarily increase the time and money spent taking care of it. The soil, weather, environment all affect the landscape every day, so if they do not get along, you will be in a constant fight with the natural elements to keep your landscape healthy. To help avoid the headache, sticking to local or locally sustainable themes and styles is advisable.

The style you choose for your yard should make the best of the natural landscapes of one’s own locale. The native look of one local could be called exotic in another as the environment associated with the flora differs massively. For instance, a Mediterranean design is considered exotic in Japan. Any exotic garden will need much more investment not just to create but also to make sure it retains its original health. Therefore, for a landscape to be sustainable, it has to be primarily based on its own climate or in a compatible part of the world. For instance, Mediterranean plants are well-suited for landscape design in Sacramento owing to their similar climate.

Sticking to a landscape theme provides the aesthetic elements a guideline to be built on. A theme produces a sense of harmony e in the design so as to achieve a practical and beautiful yard. A theme unifies the landscape and guides the elements, décor, and plants. A theme need not be elaborate but can be as simple as consistent shapes or colors throughout the garden. This article provides inspiring themes for home gardens in Birmingham commercial grounds care for you to take a look at.

Edible Gardens

It is a great way to put healthy and affordable food on the table every day. Cooking with fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from your Garden sofa sets may not be as difficult as it seems. With the right environment, care and commitment, you can grow plenty of edible flowers, fruits, berries, and vegetables right outside your door. The best thing about this is that it need not be placed in the ground but will perform equally well when grown in pots and container beds as well. Your landscape contractor can guide you in this case by checking for your soil conditions.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterflies have become an attractive landscape feature in Sacramento. The joy that colorful butterflies fluttering in your garden bring is unmatchable. Not only are they wonderful to watch, but they are also highly beneficial for the environment. Butterflies, bees, and other insects are pollinators that contribute massively to the survival of the environment. By choosing plants that attract butterflies and other insects, so that the larvae and caterpillars feed on them, you can protect them and promote a healthy and green landscape. Just make sure your patch of land gets adequate sunlight during the day.

Evening or Mood Gardens

Flowers that bloom at night spread wonderful aromas. If these could be incorporated in your yard, your house will have a fresh smell all throughout the day. Make sure to place them near your deck or patio, so you get sufficient aroma into your home. These flowers are usually light-colored and reflect the moonlight, which helps in attracting pollinators. There is no right or wrong when it comes to night gardens. They have a magical quality to them. Having a moon garden is a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

Mediterranean Garden

These are all the rage in Sacramento right now. It provides an experience for all the senses of the human body. Due to a similar climate, Mediterranean plants thrive in the California climate. This theme also uses stone as a designing material and is inspired by classic beauty and order. They are pleasing to look at and create interesting sounds and smells. Statues, water features, pots and containers, and lots of colors are some of the common elements seen in a Mediterranean garden.


These are specially designed for drought-affected areas, though they are gaining popularity all over the United States. It is a creative landscape design that promotes water conservation. It provides homeowners to conserve water and requires minimum care after installation. Another advantage of Xeriscaping is that they reduce pollution by eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in the landscape. It makes use of native plants and thereby becomes a natural habitat for local fauna as well.

Healing Gardens

This theme focuses on making a place of refuge for an individual and promotes healing. These are usually found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, though they are gaining popularity in home gardens as well. Since everyone is going through a tough time, healing gardens provide an environment of calm and serenity that reduces stress and relieves symptoms of sickness or fatigue. These places are also used by people to pray as they feel closer to God by being closer to nature.

There are several other themes that could be more suitable for your home. Talk to your landscape designers before you decide on the theme for your landscape.

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