Soft vs. Firm Mattress: How to Choose the Right Bed For You

Soft vs. Firm Mattress

Are you sick of tossing and turning each night, starting your day achy and fatigue-ridden due to an old, worn-down mattress? If so, it may be time to invest in a new bed. However, after years of sleep on a sloping, bumpy mess, you may not know what kind of mattress fits your current needs. 

Are you a firm sleeper? Or do you prefer a cloud-like cushion? Or maybe you like a comfortable middle ground, so long as you stay cool throughout the night. Fortunately, the choice is yours to make as you try out new-and-improved mattresses. 

Read on for a guide on selecting a mattress that fits your sleeping needs.

How do you sleep?

Before heading to your local furniture store or hopping on a mattress site, you need to determine your typical sleeping arrangement to get a feel for your needs. Take note of any preferred positions or pain points to gain additional insight into which bedding is suitable for your specific needs. 

For example, back and stomach sleepers often prefer a breathable latex mattress to support their spine throughout the night. 

On the other hand, side sleepers typically lean toward softer mattresses, like memory foam which forms to any unusual position you may find yourself lying in. That said, there is no hard or fast rule for selecting the perfect bed, so try out different models regardless of preferred positions. 

Benefits of a soft mattress

Besides a cloud-like quality, soft mattresses offer a slew of benefits to sleepers.


Due to their lightweight and airy nature, softer mattresses contour the body, resulting in a unique sleep for each individual based on body type and position, allowing for a more restful sleep.

Pain relief

Soft mattresses are ideal for those people who suffer from arthritis or muscle and joint pain. A soft mattress will cushion body areas that might be affected by pain, easing discomfort and releasing pressure points.

Benefits of a firm mattress

For any hot and heavy sleepers, a firm mattress may solve all your over-heating problems, along with other worthwhile benefits. 

Temperature control

Though some prefer to sink into their bed each night, others rely on structure and firmness to lull them to sleep. Mattresses with a firmer cushion allow for more airflow around the body, enabling those who run warm to wake without a pool of sweat. 

Healthy circulation

A firm mattress supports those with circulation issues, allowing for better blood flow.

Improve back and neck pain

For those with spine pain or misalignment, a firm bed may be the better option. Support is critical for those looking to relieve neck and back discomfort, and firm mattresses reinforce healthy spine and neck alignment. 

Choosing the best mattress for you

At the end of the day, selecting a mattress is a personal decision. No one mattress fits all, and each person will have different needs when it comes to their sleeping environment. Curling up in bed each night highlights many people’s days, and they want to ensure that it’s a relaxing and restful experience.

Final thoughts

Now that you know your sleeping patterns and preferences, you can find the perfect mattress for your needs. 

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