Tips & Tricks To Win Escape Room Games

Escape rooms are quite a popular among the gamers. It is a situation where the players have a set amount of time to solve puzzles, unravel riddles, and find out certain clues. Within a stipulated time, the player has to find out the mystery and escape from a locked chamber. With the help of the right strategy, a player can beat the room in every game. To make it easier for you and your team to complete the game within the allotted time limit, we’ve divided the below mentioned suggestions into different teamwork aspects. Let’s get started! 

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How to get out of a locked room: a comprehensive guide

You may win an escape room in less than an hour if you pay attention to the clock and maintain your clues in order.

Have a look on the numbers

No matter how many players the game says it can hold, you shouldn’t bring a flock of members in your group. You know? Overcrowding your game makes playing more difficult. Additional costs will be incurred in training new players. Generally, a non-beginner team’s ideal room capacity is roughly 50% of the indicated maximum capacity. You may want to break up your party and play in separate areas of the same facility, or you may want to rotate among the several games there if yours is too large for one.

Work on a puzzle you’ve chosen carefully

If your group chooses the problem, you should pick an escape room theme they will enjoy. An Egypt-themed escape room might be a better fit for groups with members more specialised in Egyptian history or chemistry. Most escape room puzzles may be completed without prior knowledge, but detailed knowledge of the subject can help boost the group’s confidence and speed up issue solving. Be sure to account for the room’s level of difficulty as well. Puzzles can be difficult for different members of a team to solve. You may want to set the difficulty level to medium to keep everyone happy.

Don’t lose your control.

In escape rooms, players need to control their emotions. When faced with a decision that must be made quickly, people often become immobilised and either give up or act irresponsibly. You must retain your cool and composure to succeed in escape rooms. The only thing that will be lost is a small amount of pride. It’s easier to develop innovative solutions and make the game more fun for everyone if you keep calm and resist the urge to argue.

Keep things in order.

If you want to find out anything easily, the best way is to keep things organized. Now, it will allow you to put all the related items in a particular place. Right? Moreover, you can easily find things out by keeping them in an organized way: 

  • For instance:
  • Keep the area on the table in the room clean, and store loose items therein.
  • Simply shift the unwanted items under the most unimportant point in the room.
  • Related items should be kept together.
  • Dissolve an important substance in water.

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With the right strategy and plan, no one can defeat you in Escape Games. The right planning, moreover, will let you enjoy the overall game. Practising the skill will help you in both your personal and professional life. You can keep calm under certain circumstances with the help of the right strategy. So, what are you waiting for? There are an array of things that you can learn from the Escape Rooms.

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