Wearing the Right Basketball Shoes: How Does It Make a Difference?

Basketball is an excellent game to play and a fun activity to watch. People of all ages play it all year round, and people who play basketball get full-body exercise. The game needs instant deceleration and acceleration, jumping ability and lateral movement. It requires a good pair of shoes that provide support, flexibility, stability and cushioning to absorb shock. And good quality basketball shoes like the Jordan Mid shoes are specifically designed for this intense game. The shoes act as shock absorbers and give ankle stability with flexibility, enabling the players to move laterally. However, basketball shoes are much bulkier than running shoes.

Requirements for Basketball Shoes


Basketball shoes must ensure that the feet don’t absorb the shock created by constant movements. The players move continuously on the basketball court, and the shoes must absorb the shock to keep the feet comfortable. And players who are not wearing comfortable shoes may not be able to perform their best.


The shoe must be breathable because the players will feel hot and sweaty on the court. And heat can cause irritation and blisters preventing the players from focusing on the game. Therefore, the shoes must help the feet stay cool, and in addition, they should be made of breathable mesh material, which allows air inside to keep the feet cool and comfortable.

High-Quality Soles

The sole is the most significant part of a basketball shoe; without a good shoe sole, the players cannot play the game well. The sole must offer speed and grip, which is much required for the game. And a good rubber sole prevents slips and falls during the game, and a sole with traction absorbs the stress while playing.

Ankle Protection

Wearing good shoes prevents injury to the ankle. The game requires the players to make a sudden move or turn, so if they don’t wear the right shoe, their ankles will suffer. As such, a good pair of shoes protects the ankle from such painful situations, and they’ll have a well-shaped collar to protect the ankle.

Types of Basketball Shoes

High-Top Basketball Shoes

High-top basketball shoes have a notable design because they cover the ankle, and they provide excellent support to the feet and ankles. But nevertheless, they are the heaviest type of basketball shoes, and because of their weight, they slow down the speed of the wearer. Meanwhile, these shoes provide maximum ankle support and stability.

Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

Mid-top shoes are ankle-high but do not cover the ankle. Moreover, they provide some support to the ankles but keep them flexible. They also offer ankle stability but are not as good as high-top basketball shoes.

Low-Top Basketball Shoes

Low-top basketball shoes end below the ankle and offer great flexibility but negligible ankle support. They help players to move quickly, maneuver effectively and pivot sharply and let the players move fast.

Importance of Wearing Basketball Shoes

Improves Performance: Basketball shoes help the players to move, jump and run fast. The right basketball shoes help players to deliver the best without worrying about their feet.

Decreases Injury: Wearing good basketball shoes prevents ankle and foot injuries while practising and playing. In addition, shoes protect the feet even when the players are running and jumping on the hard floor by providing good comfort and support.

Gives Speed and Versatility: Basketball players must make quick moves, and their shoes must allow it. They run fast and stop quickly during the game; hence, the shoes must offer speed, versatility and support, withstand heat and pressure and make players feel comfortable.

Basketball shoes like the Jordan Mid shoes enable players to perform their best, and they offer sufficient support and comfort. As such, the only gear that helps the player to play well is the basketball shoes.

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