Who Is The Most Attractive Anime Character With Black Hair?

Anime characters with black hair are prevalent; it is a natural color, so it is pretty easy to know Who is the most attractive anime character with black hair?​​ It’s inevitable, though, that some will stand out as more notable or fascinating than the rest. The only criterion for inclusion on this list is that the protagonists have black hair.

The best people, like cream, inevitably climb to the top. Some of these characters aren’t just some of the best anime characters, but some of the best characters, period. Anime lovers all throughout the world have been moved by their stories.

#1. Who Is The Most Attractive Anime Character With Black Hair? 5 Best Of Black-Hair Anime Characters

Hiei In “YuYu Hakusho”

YuYu Hakusho was a popular anime in the ’90s. Modern anime fans may not recall it as fondly, but it was a groundbreaking series that paved the way for later successes like Naruto. 

The most popular character in YuYu Hakusho is Hiei, who is one of the earliest examples of an edgy anti-hero with black hair. A fierce combatant despite his diminutive stature, he has rapidly become a fan favorite.

Sasuke Uchiha In “Naruto”

The article will begin to discuss some of the most well-known anime characters with black hair that even newcomers should be familiar with in this section. We didn’t choose Sasuke and other iconic characters just because their shows are well-liked.

They cut because of who they are and what they’ve done. He’s not necessarily the most popular character in the entire series, but he’s undoubtedly up there with Naruto regarding how instantly recognizable they are. 

Since the creator of Naruto has admitted to basing Sasuke on Hiei, the similarities between the two are not surprising. Sasuke is a good fighter who has a heel turn before becoming a decent person by the end of the series across multiple notable arcs.

Vegeta In “Dragon Ball”

Anti-heroes in anime have been around for a while, but Vegeta was one of the earliest instances. Once an enemy of Goku, he eventually became one of the hero’s comrades. Vegeta has always been more interesting than other “good” characters like Krillin and Piccolo because he has a harder edge and is more arrogant.

Goku is the stereotypical goody-two-shoes, making it easy for some fans to root against him and instead support Vegeta. There’s a good probability that Vegeta will come to mind if the subject is black-haired anime characters.

Monkey D. Luffy In “One Piece”

One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time. The main protagonist of that series is the adorable Monkey D. Luffy, an aspiring Pirate King with a special devil fruit that gives him the abilities of the Sun God Nika. Even casual fans should be aware of how elastic and flexible he can be.

In what is itself one of the most watched anime series of all time, he has become a fan favorite. It would be an injustice to his legacy if he were left off a list like this. Apart from Luffy, there are still multiple best characters in One Piece, even without the black-hair things.

Goku In “Dragon Ball”

Including two characters from the same series may seem dishonest, yet their combined fame significantly outstrips that of any other characters in the list. They share a trait in common: they both have jet-black hair and are among the most recognizable figures in anime history.

It may be said that Goku, regardless of his hair color, is the most recognizable anime character of all time.  He’s the main character in a show that spawned dozens of imitators. Even casual western fans are likely to be familiar with him, and his legacy has lasted for decades and shows no signs of waning.

 Goku displays all of the classic Shōnen hero attributes, however, he does so in an endearing way. Not to mention, lovers of action scenes will adore how strong of a fighter he is, which isn’t a revelation, considering that the Dragon Ball series dwarves 99% of anime regarding combat sequences.

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