Termite inspection – Control and recommendations

Of all the countless insects, rodents, reptiles and other pests that cause discomfort to homeowners around the world, none is as dangerous as termite. Only termites can completely destroy the foundation and character of your home in just a few years. For the first five years, you may not even notice the destructive work of termites. However, it may be too late. Your home is probably the biggest and most important purchase you’ve made in your life. Therefore, it is imperative to take the right measures to protect your home from termites and eradicate them immediately if they have already entered your home. Termite inspection should be treated  in order to avoid and get rid of termites.  


  • Control methods
  • General recommendations

Owners of wooden houses fairly often encounter a spread of insects and rodents, which create tons of inconvenience. and therefore the most dangerous among them are termites. In folk they’re called “white ants“. Termites that have appeared within the house are capable of completely destroying most structures of the building in only a few of years, so each owner must have skills to urge obviate them.


Since getting obviate termites on their own is usually quite difficult, numerous people like better to immediately seek help from special services, whose workers have a few years of experience in handling various woodworms. But if there are few insects and you’re completely confident in your abilities, then we propose that you concentrate on methods that in most cases bring a positive result.

Homemade trap

To make it, you’ll need two sheets of normal cardboard and water. this easy device is taken into account to be very effective, since it’s cellulose that’s the most food for termites, and thus cardboard are going to be a superb bait:

  • we thoroughly moisten the sheets of cardboard with water;
  • we connect them by stacking on top of every other;
  • We placed the finished trap within the place where traces of insects were found.

Use of nematodes

These small worms are natural enemies of termites. They enter the body of the larvae and kill them within two days. The body of termites for little nematodes is a perfect place for his or her own reproduction and development, thus, it’s quite possible to unravel the matter of the looks of pests during a wooden house with their help.

Finding nematodes in your garden won’t work; they will be purchased at a gardening store or online. Moreover, it’s advisable to use these worms immediately, especially if the temperature of the soil during which they were purchased is quite + 15 ° C.


To get obviate termites, you’ll use one among the subsequent insecticides:

  • Fipronil;
  • “Imidacloprid”;
  • Chlorpyrifos;
  • Chlorfenapyr.

However, remember that these drugs can harm your pets, so it’s advisable to get rid of them from the house during processing. In use, such means are very simple – the insecticide is sprayed in areas where termites accumulate and leave the space for several hours.

Folk remedies

Termites inspection also includes a self-made mixture method. Boric acid, familiar to everyone, is most frequently utilized in such situations. stepping into the body of insects, it dehydrates it and in parallel destroys the systema nervosum. Plus, it’s ready to work on the principle of a sequence reaction – termites on their paws bring poison to the nest and infect the remainder of the colony.

So, boric acid are often utilized in two ways:

  • an solution – we dilute the powder with water and apply the resulting product to small pieces of cardboard or moisten wooden elements with it; We lay out ready-made baits near the supposed habitat of parasites and don’t forget to re-wet them from time to time with boron solution;
  • boric acid paste – we combine boric acid powder with alittle portion of sugar, honey and water in such a way that a thick paste is obtained, after which we lubricate the locations of domestic termites with it.

There are several more compounds that are capable of destroying pests:

  • mix 3 parts of kerosene with one a part of turpentine;
  • we combine turpentine with tar, creosote and naphthalene during a ratio of 20: 10: 1.5: 30;
  • in a liter of alcohol, we dilute 30 g of mercuric chloride;
  • dissolve animal oil, naphthalene and naphthalezol in kerosene – proportions 100: 100: 15: 25;
  • mix turpentine, naphthalene, phenol, lysol and natural resin during a ratio of 100: 10: 5: 3: 10.
  • One of the preparations should be applied to the wooden elements of the building in those places where accumulations of termites were found, and you’ll get a positive result quite quickly.

Light and cold

You can get obviate termites during a wooden house both with the assistance of sunlight and by freezing. However, it’s possible to use one among these methods only in cases where parasites are found in certain interior items.

Option one is to require the affected furniture outside and leave it for a few days. At an equivalent time, confirm that the sun’s rays fall thereon as long as possible.

Option two – it’s suitable for rainy regions where the sun rarely pleases with its light. If termites were found within the apartment, then the affected interior items should be disassembled and placed within the freezer. a standard freezer during this case, of course, won’t work – special large chambers should be used.

If the termites were found in winter, then the furniture is often taken in the cold and left for 3 days. In some cases, freezing may be a rather problematic option, but if possible, it guarantees the death of all insects.


If you opt to destroy termites on your own, then remember that the fight should be complex in nature – using several different means and methods.

  1. Treatment brings the simplest leads to spring, when the larvae find themselves at the outer layers of the wood, and therefore the adults tend to go away from the wooden elements.
  2. In parallel with the utilization of termite remedies, it’s advisable to hold out anti-rotting measures.
  3. Sprayed insecticides should tend the maximum amount time to figure as possible – ideally every week. During this era, the house should be left and closed.
  4. If you’re processing with chemical poisons, then boric acid also can be used with them – with the finished paste, you ought to carefully cover all the holes within the infected zone.
  5. Since the most food source for termites is wood, it’s advisable to store logs, firewood and other supplies of wood far away from home. It’s also recommended to dry them, making them unattractive to insects, and canopy them.
  6. Use repellents when building timber structures. Add a tablespoon of 0.1% permethrin to a bucket of water and pour the resulting solution into paint or varnish, with which you’ll subsequently cover the interior and exterior walls. A little amount of permethrin also can be added to the flooring adhesive or cement.

Termite Inspection will only be done to eradicate and obviate termites. If cracks are found, they ought to be repaired immediately – especially often they seem near water pipes and form around electrical wiring. And on windows, entrance and balcony doors, it’s worth installing mosquito nets -, by this termite Inspection termites won’t be ready to enter your house from the road. And do not forget to stay the ventilation ducts clear at the least times. To try to do this, you ought to not plant bushes and trees near them and mow weeds in time. Keep your home free from pests!

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