Tips To Keep Your Parquetry Floor Looking Sensational


Parquetry flooring made of wood is durable. Your floor will last for years with proper care and protection.

You will want to maintain your parquetry floor after it has been professionally installed.

You will need to maintain the finish on the wood. If you have the time, you can give that to someone else. This is important as your parquetry floor can be an investment and a sign of your taste in interior design.

Maintain, Protect And Nourish Your Floor Finish

You will need to maintain the floor’s beauty by keeping it clean, free from dirt, oil, and stains, and preventing any damage.

Don’t let your frustrations get in the way of cleaning your floors. You can take inspiration from historic buildings with parquetry floors that have stood the test of time. Marie Antoinette never washed a floor, but a pattern was named after her.

Care For A Natural Wood Floor

Timber is a natural product. Even with a perfectly laid floor and controlled humidity, you have to care for your floor in order to keep it looking beautiful.

These are the most frequent causes of damage to wood floor finishes:

  • Wear the finish abrasion
  • Finish fading in the sun
  • High temperatures can cause wood to burn.
  • Water damage is the movement of block and the degradation of the finish due to over-washing or moist mopping

Avoid Damage To Your Parquetry Flooring By Preventing Abrasion And Wear

A timber floor can be damaged by stones or sand. Indoors, wear only soft-soled shoes

Protect areas where children play, such as high-traffic areas, with a mat or rug.

Protect From The Sun

The flooring’s colour will be bleached if it is exposed to too much ultraviolet light.

Blinds, curtains and solar control films can be applied directly to the glazing in order to prevent UV deterioration.

Water Damage – Prevent Leaks And Spills

Avoid excessive washing and wet mopping. Parquetry flooring, which is made from wood, is subject to expansion and contraction due to excess moisture.

Parquetry can be severely damaged by a burst pipe, serious overflow, or spillage. Wood expands as it absorbs water and shrinks when it dries again. However, it will never go back to its original form. Old adhesives can be damaged by moisture and failure can occur.

Clean Your Parquetry Floor

Vacuum regularly and sweep frequently. It is easy. It’s easy to maintain your floor and protect it from abrasion due to daily wear. Pay attention to the parquetry floor pattern. Make sure dirt, dust, and grime are not caught between the boards.

To remove any dirt and dust that the vacuum cleaner and brush have missed, use a damp mop. Don’t use too much water, as it can cause damage to the surface. Begin in the corner and use an eight symbol to mop the floor. Then, work your way around the room.

Thrust Floors International recommends that you only use cleaning products with a neutral pH, which is specifically designed for wood.

To keep your finish dust-free, use natural wax or polish.

Timber expands when it is humid or warm. Timber contracts when humidity is low or heating is used. You may notice this expansion or contraction across a large space. Air conditioning is a great way to preserve timber in humid conditions.


Call Thrust Floors International for more information on maintaining your parquetry flooring.

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