Your Go-To Guide for Campfire Cooking


Once in a while, people like to go on a vacation with their family to let off the stress of daily life. It may be a trip to another country or state, or just a few days camping in the nearby woods. Sometimes, if you don’t have time, building a small camping setup in your backyard is also a great idea. Enjoying the evening with your kids and spouse and cooking your favorite meal together on a Campfire pie iron, playing, and staying outdoor looking at the stars is definitely a dream evening for many. As fantastic as it sounds, many people vaguely know anything about cooking in a campfire. If you know the process and do it right, your evening will become memorable. If not, it’ll still be memorable, but not in a good way. Here is a complete guide to campfire cooking to make your next camping trip a flawless experience. 

Where to Build Fire?

This is a major concern when you plan to cook in camping. Where you are going to build the fire? If it’s a common camping area, make use of the already built fireplaces. This way you can avoid scarring the ground more. If it’s your backyard or any new place, you have to find a proper place with mineral soil. A fire built on mineral soil will last longer than putting up a fire on a rock. If you’re building fire on a rock, a few drops of rain will be enough to put it down. Mineral soil will keep the fire burning till the organic layer of the soil vanishes. 


Campfires need to be burned for a longer time. So when you plan to do campfire cooking get seasoned, dry woods ready beforehand. Freshly cut woods are not ideal to build fire, especially not for campfires. Common campfire places sell dry woods to visitors, so remember to book a stock priorly. 

Wind Shelter

First thing, camping on a windy day is a bad idea, ergo you must avoid that. Second thing, even on a normal summer day, there will be stronger winds anytime. So before building a fire, prepare a wind shelter to safeguard it. 

How To Build The Fire?

Once you choose the place and got the dry woods, you may wonder how to start a fire? Should you just put the woods on the ground and light it up? The answer is no. If the particular day is lightly windy, place a big rock blocking the wind to keep the fire burning. Then bring enough medium-size rocks to put around the fire. It’ll help to resist the heat when you sit by the campfire. Then put the coal pieces in the center, and place the woods on top of it. Remember to cut the woods into small pieces, because a bigger log will take a long time to catch a spark. Get some diesel to pour on the woods and a lighter. You can start the spark instantly with the help of diesel. 

Once you build the fire use a Campfire pie iron to cook instead of normal pans. Because they are high heat, pressure-resistant, easily washable, non-stick, and rust-free. The lengthy handles will keep you away from fire and are very handy to cook on an open fire. Its removable lid serves multi-purpose, you can use it as a lid or remove and use it as a separate pan. This pie iron is very much ideal for your small barbeque party in the backyard.

Now, you would’ve gotten an idea about campfire and campfire cooking. Remember, involvement is the key in camping; you have to enjoy the nomad life to the fullest to get the taste of nature.

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