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Eight Reasons to Hire a Catering Service in Singapore

It is crucial to think about how many servers will be needed when planning an event. A catering service can provide estimates based on the size of your party and whether drinks are being served alongside food at table side appearances by specialty dishes made fresh right before they disappear off our menu! When hosting […]

Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya, all about this exotic fruit

What is pitahaya (pitaya) Fruit? Pitahaya fruit or dragon fruit comes from the Greek language and means “dragon flesh” They are also known as dragon fruit or dragon heart. Pitahaya is a large fruit in size and has a long skin and white flesh inside that is very sweet in taste. Scientific Name: Selenicereus undatus […]

Coconut oil benefits and uses

Coconut oil has a number of scientifically proven benefits. Saturated fats, which are included in the human diet, make up about 90% of the total composition. information taken from research by Dr. Mercola. Health Benefits of Coconut Oil The use of coconut in food has beneficial effects on health. Thanks to its saturated fat: Supports […]

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