How to wake someone up?

For many, the problem is waking up in the morning and going to work or just on business. It should be noted that this problem has been relevant for all ages and times, therefore, the topic will be just as relevant – how to wake someone up, what methods are available for this and which […]

Thrillophilia Activities, Tours and Adventures

Thrillophilia is a tour and traveling company that offers different adventure sports trips in India. They guide the tourists by providing them suitable conveyance and expert drivers to cater to various sports which include Trekking Rafting Camping Hiking Exploring new picnic points etc.  Actually, the term Thrillophilia is derived from two words i.e., ‘Thrill’ and ‘Philia’. These […]

How to mail a letter?

“To mail a letter, you need a stamp or a marked envelope,” explains Natalya Vladimirovna. A letter within Belarus weighing up to 20 g is sent in a marked envelope without any additional payments and additional stamps. The cost of sending such a letter is 2,400 rubles (the same as the cost of a stamp […]

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