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How can you use the same charger to charge lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries?

If voltage recommendations are followed, most lead acid battery chargers will work with LiFePo4 batteries. The voltage requirements for LiFePO4 are usually met using the AGM or gel method. The Battery Management System (BMS) usually fails because the voltage used to charge flooded batteries is higher than the voltage needed to charge LiFePO4 batteries. Use […]


The AGM batteries utilize the similar absorptive glass rug technology as applied in Yuasa Motorbike and Industrial batteries which have been on the marketplace for over 44 years (1965). This absorbent material glass rug soaks up the battery’s acid, allowing more effective use of the cell’s volume dispensable of electrolyte reservoirs, as necessary with conventional […]

The Main Differences Between A Carburetor and Fuel Injectors

Whether you’re searching for racing carburetors for sale or need the latest Holley Sniper for sale, it’s important to understand what’s under the hood of your car. Check out this quick guide to help you understand the difference between carburetors and fuel injectors. What’s Are the Main Differences Between Carburetors and Fuel Injectors? There are […]

iOS vs. Android

Smartphones today are either based on iOS or Android. These two platforms, according to IDC, are the major participants in the market. Other categories just made up 0.1% of total sales. You should carefully select your smartphone operating system. Switching from Android to iOS may need purchasing paid apps from the Apple App Store or […]

Everything you need to know about Low Voltage Switchgear

Switchgear is a device that is mainly used to protect, control and switch electronic circuits and components. In simpler words, Switchgear is a combination of relays, fuses, isolators, circuit breakers, and electrical switches. The setting of such devices serves to interrupt current under the abnormal and normal operating situations.  Every Switchgear component is perfectly packed […]

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